Will we recall our earthly lives while we're in Heaven?

Isaiah sixty-five:17 says, “For, behold, I create new heavens and a brand-new earth: and the previous shall not be remembered, nor come into thoughts.” Some interpret Isaiah sixty-five:17 as saying that we will have no reminiscence of our earthly lives in heaven. However, one verse earlier in Isaiah 65:16, the Bible says, “For the beyond troubles might be forgotten and hidden from my eyes.” It is possibly best our “beyond problems” may be forgotten, no longer all of our reminiscences. Our recollections will finally be cleansed, redeemed, healed, and restored, no longer erased. There isn't any motive why we couldn't possess many recollections from our earthly lives. The memories soto be cleansed are those that contain sin, pain, and unhappiness. Revelation 21:4 publicizes, “He will wipe each tear from their eyes. There will be no extra dying or mourning or crying or ache, for the old order of factors has passed away.”


The fact that the former matters will now not come to mind does not mean that our recollections might be wiped smooth. The prophecy may be suggesting the wondrous quality of our new surroundings. The new earth will be so brilliant, so mind-blowing, that everybody will pretty forget the drudgery and sin of the present day earth. A baby who is terrified of the shadows in his room at night absolutely forgets his nocturnal worry tomorrow at the playground. It’s no longer that the recollections have been worn out, simplest that, within the sunshine, they don’t come to thoughts.


Also, it’s vital to make a distinction between the everlasting kingdom and the modern heaven. When a believer dies, she or he is going to heaven, but that isn't our very last vacation spot. The Bible speaks of “a brand-new heaven and a brand-new earth” as our eternal, everlasting home. Both passages quoted above (Isaiah sixty-five:17 and Revelation 21:1) refer to the everlasting country, no longer the modern heaven. The promise of wiping away each tear does no longer come till after the tribulation, after the final judgment, and after the re-advent of the universe.


In his apocalyptic imaginative and prescient, John sees sorrow in heaven: “I noticed under the altar the souls of individuals who were slain because of the phrase of God and the testimony they had maintained. They referred to as out in a noisy voice, ‘How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and authentic, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?’” (Revelation 6:9–10). John is obviously in heaven (Revelation 4:1–2), and he sees and hears those who manifestly consider the injustice accomplished to them. Their loud requirement's vengeance indicate that, inside the present day heaven, we will consider our lives on the planet, including the horrific matters. The contemporary heaven of Revelation 6 is temporary, though, giving manner to the eternal nation in Revelation 21.



The story of Lazarus and the wealthy man (Luke sixteen:19–31) is similarly evidence that the dead consider their earthly lives. The rich guy in Hades asks Abraham to ship Lazarus back to earth to warn the rich guy’s brothers of the destiny anticipating the unrighteous (verses 27–28). The wealthy guy manifestly recalls his relatives. He additionally recalls his very own lifestyles of self-serving and sinful consolation (verse 25). The memories of the rich guy in Sheol come to be part of his misery. The tale does now not point out whether or no longer Lazarus has memories, but Abraham has precise information of goings-on on earth (verse 25). It’s no longer until we attain the eternal nation that the righteous will go away all sorrow in the back of.

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