Why Die Before Your Time?: 5 Common Causes of Premature Death

Premature loss of life isn't demise early; it’s demise before your time. Jesus died at 33 however it becomes now not premature; you can die at ninety, and it can still be premature. We need to establish common reasons of premature loss of life and how to deal with it.



Common motive of untimely dying are:


1) Being righteous over a great deal, or overly wicked:


Many have gone to an early grave because they threw away commonplace sense in being overly depraved or righteous over tons.



2) Being indulgent and drunken:


The fork and knife have taken many to an early grave. What we eat and drink have this type of critical effect on our normal nicely being. We need to try to eat and drink healthily and in moderation.



3) Promiscuity and extraordinary girls:


The Bible says that “a strange girl is a slender pit” and the street to her house is as to the slaughter residence; many effective men have died there. If you need to stay the full duration of your days, watch out for weird girls. Promiscuity is the gateway to destruction and an early grave, pay attention!



3) Using your lips and tongue wrongly:


The Bible says, he that loves lifestyles and could see properly days must refrain his tongue from talking guile and evil. Life and dying is within the electricity of the tongue; he that loves it will eat the fruits thereof. The tongue is a vital member of the body, and we must watch out.


4) Satanic assault:


The next cause of untimely death is satanic or demonic. The devil involves steal, kill and spoil. He is a beast and ought to be contained. Witches and wizard have killed many human beings, but we can grasp their venom. Stay wakeful and prayerful.



5) Carelessness or accident:


The ultimate purpose of premature demise I need to speak about is carelessness and injuries. Many have long past to an early grave because of the error of others.



I pray that the Lord will exempt you from injuries and hazard. May the Lord preserve and keep you!



Stay blessed

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