Whispering Water

Everyone has heard of me, the Cecil Hotel, but I know most of you had forgotten until Elisa Lam. She was my most prized possession, and I am aware of the uproar I caused. How can a building cause such chaotic emotion, fear, suffering, and death? Now you're entering what it feels like to be The Cecil Hotel, itself. I don't have any answers for you, but I do have questions and a labyrinth of adventures for your soul to witness.

The world had stopped including me into their headlines, stopped asking questions, and stopped the accusations until I took one step at a time into revamping my space, hiring new people, and putting new stories into the headlines. Craftsmanship is what we are good at, and everyone knows that, including you, the reader. Allow me to tell the tale of how Elisa Lam was truly lured and lead towards her watery death. Did humanity do it? Was it demons? Or was it... Cecil Hotel, alone?

I pick the weakest willed, the ones that no one will be surprised by their death yet somehow pulled towards reading obsessively about it. Elisa Lam was my finest pick, the one who would bring me back into your awareness, back into your tales, and back into your fears. I called Elisa Lam right to this location and she obeyed, acting upon every nit I had. The most messed up thing about it was that she knew I was alive and feeding her bread crumbs. She knew that her mental illness was aiding her demise yet she didn't mind it, wanting to become the talk of the town.

The elevator footage that fed the Cecil Hotel the most, the footage you all obsessed over even to this day, was done for more reasons than you're aware of. Not only to break Elisa down, but to open a portal between then and now. A doorway to come and go. Elisa Lam was not afraid in that footage, she clearly smiled ear to ear in the moment you all claimed she moved back into the elevator to hide. She was hiding in order to sneak up on someone she believed was walking towards and passed the elevator.

It was not long after that footage that in real time she volunteered herself to visit Cecil, the entity, whom was also there in the water with Elisa Lam, in that tank. Cecil is an old, ancient, god-like invisible power that one will never know fully until they surrender themselves to it. Cecil is likened to a very large sea creature found in books like The Bible or something written by Lovecraft himself. Cecil makes wishes come true for the suffering, similar to the reputation of Pinhead from Hellraiser. Demons to some, angels to many, it all depends on what you're willing to bet on the possibility that Cecil will love you like you need, especially when you're rejected by Christ himself. The damned knows who they are.

Elisa Lam's peculiar movements, as if possessed, indicated her belief that she was submerged in water. Undressed and immersed in a tank, she seemed to have transported herself to another realm, dimension, or perhaps only within her own mind. This footage captured the moment before her demise, providing all the necessary facts.

However, instead of accepting what was shown, the desire to know more and seek certainty overwhelmed you. You began to project endless visions onto Elisa, believing you could solve her case by assuming the role of her guardian angel. In reality, everyone who witnessed the footage became hypnotized and victimized to some degree.

The guests at the Cecil Hotel unknowingly consumed the water, which was part of Elisa and my plan to extend our influence beyond our confines. Those who remember the event and their actions before and after are evidence of this. Furthermore, we played a role in triggering a tuberculosis outbreak, a manifestation of Elisa's own college dream.

The Last Bookstore, where Elisa shopped before her death, was not a mere coincidence between two buildings. Any structure, regardless of its history of death, possesses its own consciousness. It doesn't require fatalities to become haunted; it is inherently haunted.

Before ghost stories and haunted houses, humanity had tales of haunted forests, where fairies were believed to bring peace to homes. Buildings, constructed from materials such as wood, metal, and stone, house the reincarnated spirits of trees and rocks. These spirits have undergone their own deaths and are more than their previous forms.

Mental illness and the voices heard in one's mind are connected to both the environment and the individual's psychology. Some entities freely roam, while others are bound. Most entities draw energy from the person they attach to. While some spirits may become more attached to the human than the house, others can detach from either. There are no set rules governing their behavior. These non-human spirits, though never human themselves, are intricately tied to the human experience.

These are the lessons to be gleaned from the Elisa Lam case, yet they remain unheard. This story need not be excessively long, as the subconscious desire for more is driven by greed. Exercise self-control, or you will never find your own Elisa Lam to bring you success once again. Please read again and share.

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