what we should know about epilepsy, it precautions and the best way to cure epilepsy

we all need to know what epilepsy is , the precautions, the types and the way to cure epilepsy.



Epilepsy is a condition caused by an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain, leading to severe or mild fits and partial or complete loss of consciousness.



1- Disordered or  abnormal electrical discharge by the brain

2- severe injury to the brain during an accident

3- Damage to the nervous system in an accident 

4- infantile injury,for example, a child falling from a high bed, thus injuring the spine or brain,the result of which may not manifest until the child is grown up

5-  chronic constipation, indigestion and food poisoning can lead to epilepsy in a child

6-. Infection during childhood



1-  if you  or your child manifest a symptom of fits of any kind, report promptly to a specialist . Do not presume that the problem will go away on its own.

2-. Proper rest is needed. Eat nourishing food such as fruit and vegetables. Avoid constipation or indigestion. Drink plenty of water, especially in the morning, three to four hours before breakfast.

3-  If you must drive , be sure that you never drive alone.

4-  Never go swimming. This could be very dangerous.

5-  Epilepsy fits are detrimental to pregnancy. Extra care should be taken during pregnancy.

6-  Avoid processed and refined food such as sugar, biscuits, cheese,ice cream, and soft drinks.

7-  Avoid alcoholic drinks.



Epilepsy can be divided into two types: minor and major.


There is a brief blurring of consciousness. The person becomes absent minded, and begins into space . The lips , eyelids and head twist slightly. The person may smack the lips, moving the mouth as if chewing something , make some odd noises, stand fixed in a position or may gently sit on the ground. In some cases the person walks off absent- mindedly as of sleep walking.


1- Do not be scared or panicky. Be kind, charitable and helpful to that person who needs your care. 

2- Help him/ her to sit quietly in a place and be still.

3- stay with the victim. Do not begin to ask questions Never pour water on him/ her.

4-  let the sufferer rest for the rest of the day.



A recurrent major disturbance of brain activity leading to violent seizures  and loss of consciousness. Attack begins by the patient's letting out a nervous cry and suddenly falling unconscious. The patient become rigid and arches the back. Breathing may cease. The lips turn blue and the face and neck become congested. This is followed by vigorous fits , with jaws clenched and breathing noisy. Foamy saliva drops from the mouth. The patient bites the lips, making them to bleed . After some time the per calms down, the muscles relax, breathing becomes normal and he/ she regains consciousness. On regaining consciousness , the patient may manifest strange and abnormal behaviour, before falling into a deep sleep.



Formula 1 


A.   Alstonia boneei 

English- stoolwood 

Igbo- Egbu 

Yoruba- Ahun 

Esan- ojegbukhun 

B.  Jartropha curcas

English- pig nut 

Igbo- olulu- idu 

Hausa- Da Zugu 

Yoruba- Botuje, lapalapa 

C.  Newbouldia laevis 

English- fertility plant

Igbo- ogirishi 

Yoruba- Akoko 

Esan- ukhimi 

   Fill a medium sized pot with an equal amount of the roots of A,B,C and bring to boil. Allow it to stand for 12 hours before drinking. Drink 1/2 a glass thrice daily for 2 months





A- Jatropha curcas (pignut)

B- 20 Tobacco leaves

C- 8 bulbs of garlic

D- 10 liters of water 

  Cut the root of A into pieces. Measure 20 handfuls of the pieces and bring them to boil together with B and C . Allow it to stand for 12 hours.      Drink 1/2 a glass twice daily.



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