Weapons Of Mass Distraction

21 Weapons Of Mass Distraction 


One of the oldest "tricks in the book" is to "distract" attention, from what's happening elsewhere, It still works militarily, & defiantly politically. Create some inane "happening" somewhere, make sure it grabs the headlines & attention, Then quietly do without any attention, what REALLY affects, Without any outcry… Peoples attention, has always been easily diverted… But today, its reached almost comical levels


Game Plan


Most Governments, while they may not admit it, many companies too…study "patterns" of behavior, plus they "age group it Its like an anthropologist studying behavior… All of it will be used in due course, if & when needed…Cross-referencing today of peoples habits can be easily traced… What they buy, credit card trace, what they eat same device, Where they go (We always buy something) From this info, they can build up a pretty good idea of your life pattern, Books subscriptions internet etc. So no one is really free, they just don't know it!

 Culture today relies on media, media is vast control A long time ago, a head of the CIA boasted…"There's not one media tycoon, that we don't own! 

That was a long time ago, how much more now?

 Deliberately, people have been manipulated, into a celebrity culture society, an example, Compare television of a few decades ago, Most scripts were well written, Quality productions was the norm… Compare today… Talent shows, Celebrity shows, quiz shows or so-called "reality TV" It requires no real thought, the "thinking element" has been taken out…! So much stress is placed today on "looking good" not smart…just looking good… Superficiality rules! Conditioned, probably planned mass "regression".


Mass distraction…


So you have a deeply important unpopular piece of legislation, that needs to be passed… It will draw huge protest…public outcry? Mass distraction needed… Get your "friendly" media, to print a distraction story, IE: Green or global warming issue…make it sensationalistic… Create the "mood" have government spokespeople comment on it, creatiɲg more news…hopefully your "friendly" medias rivals will buy into it…THEN…at the "peak" of the contrived hysteria, quietly pass your legislation…"fait accompli" mission completed...


Covering Up


Using or giving state only information is relatively easy, One only has to remember the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the nineteen sixties, to spot the near hysterical reaction to state induced information, people who were wholly innocent were dragged out and publicly shamed by the 'Red Guard" of the time… Why? Because the "Red Guard" were under pressure to produce results, so they picked "anyone" they thought "looked like they were lax in developing Mao's Communist "Utopia" BUT... The teal reason was, the economy of the country was failing, so much so, another famine beckoned…forcing Mao, to secretly buy wheat from the United States, in hope of averting it… So the "mass distraction" was his way of covering it up! Same old trick…works every time...


Compartmentalizing Information


Controlling the flow of any outside knowledge, especially if there is a national movement against it… Is to "compartmentalize" it… That means cut off the national flow of info to certain regions…so each won't be aware of ALL the details… Therefore, the national movement is "Dismembered" through cohesive information, and subsequently

far less effective, far less of a political threat… The old "Selective Censorship trick used especially by Marxism.




Finding a scapegoat leader or country is so clichéd, yet for public consumption, it still works,"Demonizing" said leader or country in the media, like Mao's tactics, Helps deflect attention away from failed policies, and failure to deliver on promises made, particularly at election time…" Not MY fault!" Blame the "other guy" but the ruse still works… Humen nature lets it… So in many ways we are all to blame for letting the standards slip… The old movie "Wag The Dog" about Governmental induced media fired manipulation of the public is sadly coming to pass… Mass distraction


The Culture of Celebrity


People for whatever reason, have developed a superficial unhealthy obsession with "celebrity" 

"Celebrities" are only good in what they do… Its one area… Yet they persist through

pure ego, in using their status as a platform to shout about things at times…they know precious little about. For those who don't know about the thinking behind this, for actors, popstars

it has always been the modus operandi that goes like this…" If in doubt, always err on the side of liberalism, or socialism publicly, to do anything different, may alienate your "Fan base" so "go left" always, Its safer!

Many of these are vastly, vastly rich…& far removed from the day-to-day lives of their fans… So to day anything approaching their true thoughts & feelings, would be 'Bad Business!' Mass distraction again!


Praise The Lord & Send Me The Money


Greatly embellished, moralistic surrounding, even casting out "Devils"

Many books are written, advertised to the 'faithful' who in turn buy them religiously, because the preacher said so… Listen up people… God never said, THOU SHALT BE GULLIBLE… How much money did Jesus have?? So the "Mass distraction" is the preaching about 'morality' how to live right, Some are genuine… Alot are not, again many are vastly rich… So the distraction, is in the surroundings, liturgey, ritial, many times to get what their really after. MONEY… In truth some fake ones make me afraid for them… So wrapped up in their pseudo religious ways they forget their using God & Jesus to make money… Jesus said. When the day of judgement comes… To some I will say. who profess me…" I never knew you…" worth thinking about for the fake preachers…


Mass Spin


As I mentioned before, somewhere,people only ever get about. 10% information, on events that actually happen, Mostly its glossed over by hiding under "Rules & Regulations the great, escape "cloak" of deceit… Always remember, if laws are passed, they ate a "double-edged sword"while they are intended for "external"forces, Mostly they are used domestically, against the countries own people, thats why at times Governments go to such lengths of distraction, to get bills passed… We as people everywhere need to be alert to why we, are told things and especially the timing of it…be prudent…just in case its distraction, I'm not paranoid, or conspiracy theory minded…but I do know how these things work, Its a "Them & Us "mentality deliberately fostered…problem is…" We" are the "Them" the people...





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