Way you Hold your Phone Reveals your Identity, Which one are you

The way you do things and the way you behave to others tell a lot about you, But have you thought that even holding your phone can also tell a lot about your character, Let's see what it reveals about you

Using your Thumb

These type of people have a cheery and carefree nature, They always look to the bright side of everything. These guys are the one who can solve any problem easily. Their confidence is well matched with their abilities and they prove it too. They don't back away from things that are given to them. In relationships they don't like any committed relationship until they're sure that and it takes months to decide too.

Thumb for Scrolling and Typing

Using thumb and hand surely makes you the wise one's. You always take a cautious step  before doing anything. You are sensitive, You always thinks about what other people may think of you. Your caring nature always wins everyone's heart. In relation it only takes one date with a person to decide about them. You make so much effort to be with them. Your this nature most time end you up in a wrong relationship.

Typing with Both Thumbs

You people do your work quickly and efficiently as possible. Your workethics is always seen in your workplace, You can always analyze the problems within seconds. You mainly have 3 personalities, You party hard with everyone, Discuss ideas with people whom you work with and carefree with other people. Its hard for you guys to win someone's heart and usually you get dumped by them.

Using Index Finger only

You are very creative minds and very artistic nature type. Your ideas have a huge appreciation rates. People like your uniqueness in creativity on your work. You are shy in a relationship and you lack in making the first move.

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