Uighurs: A New Dispora?

Uighurs A New Dispora?


Dispora of ethnic groups,have occured throught history,Jewish,Circassian,Irish,

are just a few examples,the scattering & dispersal of ethnic groups, to the four corners of the earth,in an attempt,to dilute the culture,History,& way of life of a race,or nation..


Today in China,approx 12 million Uighurs have been forcibly removed from their traditional way of life,into “ReEducation” (brainwashing) centers..The rest have been dispersed among the vast Chinese population,in an attempt to make them forget their origins,



Tried & Tested



The Disporas of History

,are many,its a "forget  your culture" tactic, that is aimed at long term erasure of the subject culture,Belittling their past,heritage,even their art,are all designed with the ultimate aim,of  assimilation,using shame,or any of the above methods .

At timesit worked,sometimes it didnt,Depending on the deep rooted culture involved.Further examples of this,included tearing down, objects associated with the past,the religon,or social aspects & traditions..


Looking back even into the 20th Century,there are so many examples,many of them aimed at desyroying befiefs,In Russia,Stalin tried to "snuff  totally the Orthodox Church,Turning the Churches into libraries,or warehouses, & trying to get people to idolise him,not God,(As did Hitler & Mao) Yet still the beliefs stayed,as it will with the Uighars,for a simple reason,Trying to destroy an "ideal" is almost impossible,Solewhere even in the darkest times,it hides in the shadows,yet it survives.No matter how many are imprisoned or brainwashed..it survives..Even in the Death Camps of Nazi Germany,faith survived,.



Disporas Of Race


The Jews are probably the most famous example of Dispora,scattered stateless to the four corners of the world,Indeed even today,near the Chinese border with Russia,is a community of Jewish people,deported by Stalin to the far east..


Armenians also can be found in many other cultures,Armenia itself did not "disappear,but after the "Genocide" of WW1 many fled to other countries,French Huguenots" fled France for England to escape persecution, for their Protestant faith.settling  mainly in the "Home Counties" of England( Counties around London) Armenians mainly went to America,as did many Jewish people,before the creation of the State Of Isreal..

        People tend to forget,that the "Pilgrims" who first settled in America,came there to escape persecution,Later the Mormons trekked to Utah,founding "Salt Lake City" among others,because of religous persecution in the American eastern seaboard..A grimmer tale befell the Cathars,around the twelth century,


Also called Albigensians after their later main domecile in Southern France,They were dubbed "heretic" by the Roman Catholic Church,of the day,& were variously burned,tortured,drowned for their belief,That being,that the God of the old testament was evil,& the God of the New Testament "Good" given the tenents of the day,that was bound to cause them trouble..So they were presecuted,today to the best of my (or anyone elses) knowledge,there are none! Although given the current era,there may be "neo" Cathars,but not stemming from the original sect.


Persecution By Race


The Irish dispora,stemmed mostly from British occupation, lack of any real civil rights,because if their religon,banning "Green" (The Irish National Color) culminating in the potato famine in the Eighteen Forties,

Before the famine,Ireland had a population of eight million people ,afterward only around three & a half million,due to starvation & immigrarion,Britain did little to help,as it suited them to have way fewer Irish, & less trouble.Today,Ireland still has only around six millipn people,in short,she has yet to recover from the impact of tje famine,and forced removal of falilies from their homes,causing the "great migration",Mainly to America & Australia,Frim my own family history,my great grandfather,had for brothers,who left for America,& were never heard from again..Probably assimilated into the great "melting pot" of immigrants who became what is today,the most powerful nation on earth,40 million Americans claim Irish ancestry.




These were deliberate state scantioned attacks on ethnic minorities in various countries,In Russia during Tzarist timed pogroms were unleashed against Jews,Muslims of Turkish ethnicity within the Tzarist domain,& also Tartars,from the Crimea,

Today its given the hidous new term "Ethnic Cleansing" It happened in Bosnia, with Bosnian Muslims, & let it not be forgotten,it was America & Britain,wearing their different "hat" of NATO,who went in & stopped the genocide by Serbia..

Rwanda also suffered this "Ethnic Cleansing" (Genocide) as many as one million people may have died.The  people in,many fled,as they did in the previous cultures,Circassians also suffered genocide,Today, you will find Circassians in many countries,many went to Istanbul,Turkey,others to Egypt,Some to America,even to Isreal again..a "Dispora"


The Knights Templar


Quite a different type if dispora took place within the Knights Templat around thirteen hundred AD,The Templars were vastly rich,so much so,the loaned out money to Kings.Eventually this led to great jelousy & resentment toward them,Many of their religous practices were secret,causing suspicion & paranoia.Eventually (because he owed them alot of money) The King Of France proscribed them,as did later the Vatican.The Templars had a 'huge network all over Europe & the Holyland,even indeed it was said,into the Islamic nations..So the Templars were rounded up burnt,decapitated ect.But,alot of their wealth,was never recovered,

It was said and speculated,that the Templars got information of what was going to happen,& three days before hand,seven Templar ships left harbour carrying much of their wealth.& quite simply "disapoeared" from history.But in Portugal the Templars did find a haven,other places too, Scotland allegedly,Its been the stuff of myth,books & Movies ever since..


The Uighurs


Mainly from the extreme northwest of China,near bordering Islamic countries, Xinjijang being the province,There were some radical attacks ,by fanatics,one inparticular,a "knife" attack at a Chinese railway station, supposedly left nine people dead.


ALL religons have their "fanatics" So what China has done,in "rounding up an entire culture,for the actions of a few,is appalling,putting them in "re-education" (Brainwashing) camps,stinks of the worst kind if Naziism & Marxism..Other methods used are dispersal among Chinas vast population,without contact with their families.Uighurs are being persecuted both for their faith AND race..


For all her supposed "modernity" China has resorted to the old ways of totalitarianism by doing this.The world has done little,but offer protests,but that won't

stop whats happening..


Past & Present


The past teaches us,the failed folly of such actions,While people may lose national territory,the ethnic bond generally gets strengthened,not weakened.Trying to erase a culture,or belief,has always been the last,heavy-handed tactic of totalitarian regimes,to try & stifle free expression,it simply down’t work..& shows the true face of a brutal system,regardless of its “benign” public face..


For the sake of humanity,Dispora should be,like slavery,very much a tactic of the past,in this age.It shows “Regression” not “progression” and by its treatment of these people,China shows her true intent!


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