Tricks for no fap


1. Do not edge/peek.

2. Do not edge/peek.

3. Do not edge/peek.

4. Take cold showers.

5. Take an additional cold shower if you feel an urge to masturbate. It will kill the urge for a few hours.

6. Get exercise everyday (and that means more than just walking).

7. Make a habit of reading at night, so that you aren’t bored while you try to fall asleep.

8. Make Nofap just one of the many ways in which you practice self-control. Good habits reinforce each other.

9. Keep a journal so that whenever you relapse you can write down your thoughts and look at it the next time you’re thinking of relapsing.

10. Wear heavy pants with a belt.

11. Remind yourself that the benefits only seem permanent. They can disappear within minutes.

12. Try to forget everything you know about what your body is trying to tell you with horny thoughts. Think of it as “Okay, I’m having these thoughts, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them”.

13. If you relapse, immediately go on a one day fast. This will give you an outlet in which to channel your energy until the benefits of Nofap are back, and can counteract the feeling that things are hopeless which generally follows a relapse and which makes it hard to start up again. Fasting also has benefits of its own, which are similar to what one feels on Nofap.

14. Be realistic about your triggers. If that means putting a good book down because the characters are doing something sexual, actually stop reading, even though it will seem silly to you.

15. Remember that Nofap is hard. Most people don’t know about it, but even if they did, most of them wouldn’t have the discipline for it. Be proud of any progress you make, because it’s proof that you are special.

17. Delete your porn folder, or equivalent of it.

18. Don’t let anything about the process be a mystery or surprise. Know in advance what to expect, how you will feel, what will be going through your mind, and what excuses you will tell yourself. If you fail you should only be asking yourself “Okay, so why did I do it?”

19. At the end of a day without masturbating, you will never think to yourself “Boy, was that hard!” and you will especially not think “Well, I wish I had!”. So live your day as though it were already over.

20. If you can do it for one day, you can do it forever. Just repeat the process.

21. Act as if you have been given the responsibility of making the decisions for another person. Imagine that if every time you relapsed you caused another person to suffer rather than yourself. How guilty would you feel? Now just replace that person with yourself. What’s so different?

23. Remember that inside you is the willpower never to masturbate again. If you knew that a hitman would kill one of your loved ones if you masturbated, do you really think you would do it? Trust me, you wouldn’t. You would amaze yourself by how strong you are.

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