So, here I come asking you one and only specific question ; 


You like someone and you don't know if they are interested in you or not? 


You don't know the answer? 

welp, it's fine!  Because here I come to help you, babies! 


Today, we are going to discuss about us and what we feel about this specific person in our lives and if they feel the same way or not(?). 

Lot of times, I was rejected by my crush whom I'm still having feelings for(FXCK). But it's not a normal rejection. An indirect rejection. It was embarassing that i never realised it back then. And now! I don't want you to face that! Nope, never! 


So, here we go into the topic of the day. 




So..... Yeah! That's our first sign. It's not that they don't interact. They... Interact TOOO MUCH! yes, believe me! 

If your crush is your bestfriend, they just don't get it that you're grown up. All they ever see you is like you're a dude who's their besties (to the girls). 

Boys always interact with someone they don't see as 'one' for them. Like too much! They tend to become that awkward shy and manly guy in front of their crushes and when they are around us.. well iykyk. 


(It doesn't always work that way but 100 out of 98 people be like this. If your crush isn't like that then LETS GO BABY, HE'S FROM THAT TWO WHO NEVER EXISTED LOL.)






Eye-contacts play such an important role in our lives when our crush exists. Looking into their eyes is like an heart blasting moment and you never want that to happen 'just like that'! And when you hesitantly take a chance to admire their eyes, they just don't seem to be affected by it and this is will give you more time to spend admiring him but- HEY WAKE UP. 




Jokes aside, my point is nothing but a fact ; your crush isn't even affected by what you do! 


Boys loves eye-contacts, trust me! But nope. Not with their 'bestfriends' whom they don't have any feelings for. But when it comes to their crushes, they feel nervous and break it before the girl would because they can't contain themselves looking into this eyes which are so special for them! 


It hurts. I know. But if you do a eye-contacts with your crush, even just by a mistake and he doesn't pay attention... 


Babe, you need to see it yourself. He's not into you. :')






Have you ever tried making your crush jealous? 


(Honestly, I haven't. But if you did- why don't you comment it down and let us know how it went? ;) )

Have you? If you did, then you must have got the answer either way. If they responded, then yes baby, he's truly not gonna let you do that once again but if he teases you about your actions and hype you up- 


You already know it's a disaster...:'/






Secrets... You heard that? It already sounds so forbidden. 

Imagine you're in a friend group, surrounded by newly welcoming friends who were playing truth or truth and your crush ends up being the one to pick. They ask your crush about things that adults be talking about and you just don't like the way your crush responds to it all the way? 


Welp, let me explain. 

I used to be in a friend group. It wasn't so healthy. I was an introvert. But, i acted like an extrovert just to be like everyone and when i got in this group, i had no things to regret or that's what I thought. My crush and I along with his group friends ended up playing truth or truth in a cafe. And my crush was the first to pick. His new bestie (girl) asked him > "When is the last time you watched porn?" He wasn't even uncomfortable and responded "last night." I was disgusted. 

Nkt because he watches it. (I mean everyone does duh) 


But he said it out on her face and their seats were closed so i felt so much uncomfortable. 


Secrets are wayy too much to say out and when you end up revealing to your crush, they just reveal it to someone else. 


And that's when you should give up on these. 


(I'm not saying secrets must be revealed between crushes but it is depends. I picked this because I personally experienced it so hell yea!)



so here what I'm trynna say in a simple way. "No involvement? No interest."

Involving ourselves in everything that matters to them is something that becomes a habit when we like someone so much and this is what happens exactly when we have a crush. 


If they say 'I wanna be a doctor '.

You reply with 'ooh, will you give me a free treatment one day?" 


And it continues in any category lol. 

It's actually not called involvement but 'teasing'. Involving ourselves into their ambitions isn't a very simple thing everyone does, i swear to god. 


And when we were having a free period, my crush asked a girl what's her goals and when she said she wants to be a designer, he asked if she could design his shoes- 


Guess what?


They're dating now. 


Soooooo yeah! That's it for todayyy if you want more then give me some support lol! 


Have a nice day, babies. Tell me which one you have experienced. 







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