Tomatoes can Prevent Cancer

Tomatoes can Prevent Cancer.

This time, I will share health tips, so that you are always in good health. The tips that I share will benefit your health if you really want to apply it in life. One of the fruits that mothers often buy from the market is tomatoes. So, you should never take tomatoes for granted, because tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, and also contain vitamin C.

The smell of tomatoes is usually used as a tool to make chili sauce and there are also those who eat it raw. So, you have to know the benefits of tomatoes. As you see at tomatoes, it is a fruit that is rich in protein, and contains nutrients that are good for the body. The water content in tomatoes reaches 88%.

        The rest are carbohydrates and minerals which are good for our bodies if consumed. One great health benefits of tomatoes is that it prevents cancer. In tomato juice, which contains lipokens, these red substance compounds have been shown to prevent cancer. Research from Japan also mentions that consuming tomatoes is very good for the body. 

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