To De-Fund Or Not To De-Fund

If lawmakers want true reform they have to start by pen pointing some key issues. In most cases it is the police causing the issues. That's obvious being they are the topic of discussion. But what are the underlying issues? First of all they call it "patrolling", I call it "looking for trouble". The firemen don't drive around looking for fires and the paramedics don't drive around looking for lives to save. Let's think about this for a second. Its the equivalent of a fireman going out to start a fire just so he can put it out. Or the paramedics out causing accidents so they have lives to save. Sounds a little absurd don't it? Even more absurd is the police sit in hiding waiting for tax paying citizens to drive by doing 8 miles per hour over the speed limit. If you are out pulling people over for these minor and petty driving offenses, you are no doubt looking for trouble. Another big time absurdity is police quotas. Speed traps and police quotas should be completely outlawed. Then we have the title "law enforcement". We are free American citizens, we don't need anyone enforcing laws on us. Isn't that why we founded this great country. If someone breaks the law then handle it accordingly.

I could go on and on about the police. A high percentage of the time they are putting good people through a bunch of changes. Not the good kind. There's no doubt that our society needs the police. We just don't need them with their foot/or knee down on our necks. I still don't think De-Funding is the answer. The answers however are pretty simple.

#1. Stay at the station until you are called upon. Just like the firemen and the paramedics.

#2.Completely outlaw speed traps; police quotas; check points; or any other form of entrapment.

#3.Get rid of the word enforcement. Its ridiculous and oppressive. You signed up to serve and protect not oppress and harass.


I'm an American citizen. I'm a patriot and I love this great country. I too have had my share of enforced law. I've been tazed to the point that it flattened me straight to the ground. The officer then broke my arm in two place's putting me in cuffs. I've been set up, locked up and treated like dirt. I've had my license taken, jailed for child support and have been harassed by law enforcement most of my life. But I'm still proud to be an American and I still believe in liberty and justice for all. I also believe that " law servicemen" deserve their paycheck. However. They need to reform their way of thinking. Serve and protect not oppress and harass. We'll call you when and if your needed. 

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