What is time? 

Where do I stand? 

In this world full of time how much time do I have left in my hands.
 Is it scaled or is it just me, is there a waiter waiting for me. 
A place that's still and constantly moving, a place I see that is nothing but choosing.
 Light or dark this time spectates aligned. 
A color I'm searching for with no time.
 Eternal life how do you exist so, my time that was here left when I seek for ye of no clock to show, just my belief of endless snow, endless sun rays upon me shine and then the cold brings me back to life. Reality here or reality there a bridge unknown until times share. 
Time as a person of youth, time for all that we know until is rebuked, revoked, then time becomes vacant and unawoke. 
Do you think of time as I do so or do live life until the unknown.
 For life is precious that's all that anyone can see, so now do you see thee with time slowly dancing bringing life back to reality of a eternity, infinitely abiding internally...

Sincerely ConsciousLady♡

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