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Top  OTT Platforms .

 What is an OTT platform

An OTT platform refers to a streaming media platform or online media service. The OTT platform includes music, videos, TV shows, etc. The abbreviation OTT stands for over the top. OTT is now called TV or Internet TV.OTT platform wins cable TV services, satellite broadcasting services, TV sets, etc. Whether you activate paid or free OTT services, you want to have excellent Internet service. OTT works with PC, laptop, Android or IOS in Google Play Store andAppStore. If you are a cable customer and want a surface box, you as a cable customer need to place the antenna on the roof of your house. But you are an OTT customer who just want an Android or IOS application.This is usually an OTT platform integration. OTT also works on Android TV or Internet Smart TV. The newest OTT platform in my country (India) is the news site Aha. Will Telugu OTT Platform Launch in 2020? Indian OTT network “Sun NXT or Sun TV.The leading OTT movie platform in India is Reliance Network's BigFlix. Here I have outlined the top 5 OTT platforms  

1. Netflix

Netflix is ​​America's leading online streaming and production company. The head office is located in California, USA.It all started in 1997. It all started with two people, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Reed is an American businessman and businessman, founder and chairman of Netflix. Marc Randolph is an American technology entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and environmentalist. He is the founder and first CEO of Netflix.Netflix has 19 offices in 14 countries. These are Los Gatos, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York, Washington DC (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Mumbai (India), etc. The Netflix website says " ; Netflix".com#039;. New users in India Netflix available at a price of 5/- for the first month.

2. Starz

Distribution Company Starz is the owning company of the Starz OTT Platform. It is an online media streaming platform in the United States. Starz is owned by Lion Gate Entertainment in the United States. The Starz entertainment channel now exists on the paid Amazon Prime channel.Starz is owned by Cortney A Kemp,anAmerican screenwriter and television producer. Different categories of shows available on Starz. This TV is available for $8.99.


It is an American online streaming channel. They are a free and paid channel. ViacomCBS Domestic Media Network owns the network. Managing Director is David Nevins. The head office is in New York, USA.The show business era began in 1976 in California, USA. Timetables are available for iPhone, PlayStation and Roku media users. Screening hours are available for $11 and a 7-day free trial.

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