Three Online Businesses to make One Million Dollars

So you are dreaming to be a millionaire! Fortunately, internet allows us make such money much more easily than it was before. While the number of specific ways that can help us raise millionsis not limited,we will here consider some online businesses that can,in comparitively less time ,generate millions or even billions.Let's start discussing the businesses.

1.Write and sell Books

If you love writing and often write for fun;then you are more likely to execute this business. The content you genrate or are generating can be monetized .Remember that high quality content and marketing skill is enough to raise one million dollars.

In order to get rich using this way,you must firts be willing to write books. One single book may not be enough. And since,you never know which of your books will make you millionaire ;you should keep writing. By writing several books, one million dollars can be raised even if no single bok is doing so.You must ,of course ,know how to prepare and publish books. Fortunately, today there are platforms that let you self-publish your books.So you don't need to struggle to find a publisher . Further,a best-written book .I think marketing is the key to the success. If you can run this business systematically ,with a paln ; then your dream no longer would remain a dream.

2.Create Games

One of my two favourite business activities in this list is creating and selling games. If you are an app developer,you can focus on games in particular.However ,even a non-game app may generate millions of dollars; I think games are one the app-categories with most demand .And here again marketing is the key.Your game on the store will not be sold automatically.

The growth in the number of mobile app users is creating oppurtunities for mobile app developers.This is one business that does not require you invest huge amount of capital. As long as you have the necessary skill,you can run it alone. So it would not be problem, if you are not a team.

Finally here I want to mention that a normal person may have insufficient budget for this business. But there are ways you can make millions even without such large budget . There is a number of models for mobile game business ,and the model determines the budget. One can choose the model based on the budget also. Thus choosing an appropriate business model,and reinvesting the profit, you must be able to achieve your goal.


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