The word you see first will reveal your hidden personality

We see a lot of words in day to day life, But our brain has the ability to judge words using the first and last letters, That has a connection with our inner character. The first thing you see reveals a lot about your inner character and it can even reveal things that you didn't even knew about.


You are an honest person, You will never hesitate to tell people about how to feel about someone or something. You are very straight forward. Sometimes the truth may hurt. People won't have to worry about you deceiving them. You are what you are and you are trustworthy.


You always tend to think very deeply. You are a very creative person. You spend alot of time reflecting on things and how the world work in their ways. You are spiritual and  you love to spread positivity. 


You are dominant you like to take chances in career and as well as in relationships. You are brave in nature and you make everything interesting. You always try to give the best in career and as well as in relationships. 


You are more likely to be an extrovert. You are very talkative in nature and you like being in social situations. You like being the attention. You tend to make people want to know or learn more about you. You are boring and predictable and at the same time refreshing and exciting.


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