The Whores Of Mammon

          Whores Of Mammon


Money.. Is & has always been a commodity,We use it to enhance our daily lives,our families lives,our security from lifes hardships,But in the current times,it has come to be almost worshipped as the font of all happiness,the ultimate goal,People have been conditioned by media,& modern society,to hysterically hoard the greed inspired "sacred diety" to unimaginable lengths,So in this article,we will look at the "pro's & con's of wealth,How it affects people,those who were destroyed by it,Those who hated & enshewd it,What it can & can't do,And those people who become so obcessed by it,that for them,Enough is never enough of it..


Cold Hard Facts

For a start you can't eat it! Example:If you put the four richest people on the planet,in a room,with just their money,no food,no water,Nothing to eat..In 3 days,they will offer you $5m for an apple! the true value of money,It can only be useful as a market driven commodity,But in basic conditions,its totally usless..It wont stop you dying of thirst in the desert or freezing to death in the Artic..It won't stop anyone dying full stop!So todaywhy do people crave & worship it so much??


Fake Adulation

Lets face it,most people today,dream of being liked by everyone,Even if its superficial fake like,leeches,grovellers,hangers on for money,smiling adoringly at the rich person,laughing at even their unfunny jokes,hoping to grab a few financial "crumbs" from the wealthy persons table,This is a mutually agreeble arraɲgement because the rich person likes their "ego massaged" by the "Yes people" around them,it feeds their vanity & sense of importance. Real people,practically don't exist around these people,Everything is false,But the rich person dosent mind,because they have long ago succumed to the unreality of their position

Some don't & hate the falseness & unreality,but its become a money or fame prison,and theres little they can do about it, because with increased wealth,comes increased financial obligarions,bills,lifestyle..complete with the "Hangers On" accessory!


Money As Control

Many use money as a means of control,This can be found,everyday globally,& used by older parents to control even middle aged children,with the dire threat of "Disinheritance😄" So the younger are guilty of letting their greed for money,dominate the best years of their lives,Behaving to suit the controlling parent,rather than themselves..The parent is guilty of controlling by greed,& teaching their children,by conditioning,that money is EVERYTHING..Which it never was..Its only today..people are brainwashed into believing it is..But in truth it brings more problems than it solves & the problems are magnified X 1000!

Getting there can be fun,the adrenilan rush of reaching the long held goal,After that is so very boring & overated..


Money As Power

This is the real reason,so many become mega rich,They long ago stopped worrying about providing for their future family generations,in truth some are worth hundreds of trillions,but you never hear of them,thats how they want it..Many point to the House Of Rothschild,as mega rich bankers,but they are an easy target..The Rothschilds have been wealthy bankers for centuries,& never caused the current upheavels & social ,political turmoils we have now..There are others to blame for that..And far more hidden & sinister..That said

the Rothschilds "biggest hit" was probably financing both sides at the battle of Waterloo😄!

Its manly hybrid Socio-plutocratic plus a few sinister indivduals causing our current troubles,In principle,im not against a one world government,but the timing is greed based,& 100 years to early,at least..We need a settled healthy,hunger free planet,before we beging to think about that..Now is not the time..

Controlling by money (or mammon) works like this."If you don't do as we want,we will cut off your funding!" That is the "blackmail stick" they use,with Unversity faculries,Medical Faculties,& a host of other areas..Funding for anything,is hard to raise,so mostly the instituations "cave in" & do what their told,even though it be be detrimental to humanity or the planet..The Socio-Plutos get what they want.. even if its a lie,Money for control..The major problem facing us all,as they publicise it on media,perpetiating the falsehood..Making it accepted..Many "psychobabblers & cackleheads call it a "Post Truth" era..No..its a lie..plain & simple! You can dress a snake up really fancy..but its still a snake.Thats what currently confronts us all..


           War & Money

In terms of human suffering,wars are appalling..But..for some..wars make money,indeed,some have actively worked to increase tensions,with that goal in mind..Huge contracts for arms manufacture are handed out,Theres "big bucks" to be made from war..Countries & people need to be far more aware of these things,before marching off..Some wars are morally justified..but many are not..Its the profit merchants again..! In truth the world has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet many times over,so the war profiteers won't want that,its counter-productive.So their emphasis has switiched to conventional weapons,Their ultimate ideal being " Wars Of Attrition" lasting many years.That means a constant supply of arms,over a long period..Similar to a steady income mid budget business contract..


Mammon :Limits & No Limits


Some would happily sell their Granma for money,Indeed Some have even sold their childern to others,no questions asked..The buyer could have been a peadophile or pimp..They didn't care..They just wanted the money..God help the poor children who have been & are victims of this..Their innocent suffering may be unimaginable..But its the evil of mammon causing it..Greed beyond morality & limit..It happens alot..especially in the third world..where children may not be missed,& have no birth records..


A Sane Father & Repentant Son


A man i knew,amassed great riches..but he was a good honest man,& worked hard for his wealth,plus he always helped poor people..and never forgot his humble origins..However.

He had a son,who was very bright but mentally lazy..Grades at a very expensive School were awful,He just partied & played around..Sooooooooooo😁

His father pulled him out,Got him a job as a laborer on a construction site..After a week the guys bones hurt awful (He wasnt used to hard work!) His father kept him there a full month..Then he asked..Like your job??" Noooo its awful,came the reply! "Thats where I started off working" said the Father.what i built didnt come easy!!😠 Thats why i have such respect for these men,its backbreaking work! So now a choice for you..Go back to school,or spend the rest of your life doing that! 

The son went back to school very quickly.Tough Love..But a good father teaching his son self reliance & a good work ethic..Parenting isnt about giving them everything they want..Its about teaching them to survive & grow..






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