The unprecedented creation of creation is female

The unprecedented creation of creation is the girl... it is impossible to imagine the world without her.  Mother, motherhood is the most important thing. Daughters who have a love and affection for themselves at birth are left alone in a motherless home in the absence of their mother.  Yesterday, on the birthday of our little sister Ananya, among the many gifts that got her, she was attracted by a plastic toy bag for making a little kitchen... a little save, a little cylinder, pots and pans, and cups.  I aha....!!  When she pretended to eat the food on the plate, she said, ``How delicious you made it, Kanda.'' There was no escape from her happiness... cooking, serving, smiling with satisfaction when she was praised that the food made was delicious.  This is her world.  The world of many girls is like a small kitchen... When she realizes that she is going to be the mother of a child, her daily routine changes completely.  She thinks about what she eats and prays to God that the child in her womb should not suffer any problem.  Even though her life is on the threshold of Samvin, she yearns that it is enough if her sister is alive.  It is impossible for him to see the mocking cow's neck

The second phase of the life of that mother, that woman who forgets the pain, begins.  Her days, nights, meals and sleeps are uncountable.  Kanda's childhood is lost, she sees the step by step walk and hears the stammering of Amma in the sky and tears of happiness.  She flies.  Kanda dreams of a grand future.  If he is studying at a distance, she wonders whether he will eat on time or not.  Even after finishing work, she cooks delicious food for her son, even though her health fluctuates due to her growing age, she takes care of her son's pain without telling anyone at home.  Tragically, this mother's affection, sacrifice, love, and inner feelings cannot be seen by some children who have grown up to the chest level, mother takes a sip from the bird's beak and flies like a grown-up baby bird after its wings are full.  The light of their own world, mother's heart stopped beating.  Who is the only support of that life that held hands at every stage of life.... That old mother

Those who comfort... that motherly love, don't want a little bit of responsibility... raising children and making them grow up, giving them education, making property.... If everything is the duty of parents...., without wanting any reward, raise the neck that was in need,  Children don't have any responsibility towards their mother who forgives all their mistakes, loves and cares for them..... To what extent is this right?  ?  We are a country that believes that wherever a woman is respected or worshiped, deities reside there. It is really unfortunate that old age homes are increasing in our country where women are held in a venerable position....  Sad thing.  Where to start ... who should lead it .... ?  When will the laws become stronger?  When will those laws be implemented soon?  I don't know who should come to punish such cruel people.... All the questions are like abused girls, helplessly....orphans waiting for answers....

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