The story of snakes

How it started

It all started with a one line mail all her mails are succinct probably a reaction to a lifetime of dealing with verbose authors like me


Ñaag kahaani 

Naag vanch

Naag loog

The stories of the snakes and the stories that are releated to the snakes.


Naag loog 

The realm of snakes and the stories that are related to it, a shape-shifting serpent life which is releated to the realm and reality of the snakes and that place.


Snakes can become shape shape-shifting serpent after meditation meditating after 100 years. It happens to be on the full night but the only way to find out whether the child who takes birth from a shape-shifting serpents womb will become a serpent or not, which is possible only when the child completes its 25 years of age if she is a serpent she will also belong to that place if she is or not a serpent can become a shape shifting serpent if she has been blessed by her lord a shape shifting serpent can take any form she goes crazy when she hears the sound of the flute, she gets punished if she falls in love with a human being. Along with her she may lose her snakes form and snakes powers and along with them that person's life will also be in good great danger. A serpents revenge is the biggest revenge ever. They will never forget when and whom had killed them, it shall be very clear and visible in the eyes of theirs of their lover or there self. And yes that revenge shall come back and only a shape shifting serpent can get to it and touch it and see it, there's a way of poison after meditation meditating for a hundred to become a shape shifting serpent if there is someone who can take the venom out of a snakes body than there's one person to do that, the thing for this is to take up your serpent form, if a serpent gets exposed the only way to say the serpent is by rudru shessh shivaniya the scale of the snake while it burns and the serpent can die beehnkiduhn 


Chandr puramvanrvaanashi ki raat

This night is the biggest day for all the snakes if a snake sheds its skin and someone sees the skin and their skin can go on fire, the main mark of the surgavanshi clan. If a snake sheds it skin on the biggest night of snakes chandr puramvanrvaanashi ki raat infront of the moon its powers will increase. 


Veneration that is the cave which is behind the high moon where there are wheat fields the Lords devottee 


Manhish a enemy of the snakes and a buffallo which is a half human and has the snake pearl. The serpent must have been blessed by their lord even no one can use their powers to affect it. The gem as well as a Shape shifting serpent there is one queen of Mahishmatis Avantika and a shape shifting serpent Ruchika sesha u cam be a shape shifting serpent unless if you did it would be a miracle a shape shifting cab be a shape shifting serpent shifter if she is born before 3 months the cobral pearl will appear after 25 years after 25 years ago. They both were a union a union of two shape shifting serpents. The cobral pearl is a gem of snakes a serpent is able to see its light first, the cobral pearl gem would be illumination illuminated. By the light that comes out of the third eyes of the Lords third eye would be visible from the mountain of the temple the people who have a sign of the sarge surge clan on their body are the protects of the gem and can only pick that gem up the cobral pearl only can be picked up they can pick up the cobral pearl and sheeshnaag is presented in the temple in the Palace of Panchner himself the biggest night of snakes arch foe hotnody hotbody rock head is a big night but just salva jighighpreybour nozam is from percocet the time shall come the 4 snakes bigger snake which looks after the snakes pearl and the snake. The two couples the two parents whom were related to the snakes his story which is related to the snakes the snake cobral pearl that they say were the biggest devottess the greatest they were the protects of the cobral pearl gem. Only Gurarudu are the enemies of the snakes very old enemies of snakes Gurarudu the place that the Mahishmatis go to is they go to the place where the sheeshnaag temple is located and they lose their power when they go there and that Is the only place and if they go there they can be killed if they are attacked by them the only way to kill the makhi meshmahti is by a snakes poison yes there's always a way for everyone everything yes there's always to save a snake serpent 🐍 which when they die that is by golden herbs which are only used to save shape shifting serpents when a serpent dies it does lose breath out if this herb is bought out it in within it 8 hours it can be saved you'll find this golden herb in the depth of the sea and yet it is not easy to get that herb because the scorpion king vritidsish protects it you need to fight it there is only one way to eliminated Mahishmatis makhi if they come to this side of the wall they can go to the Panchners Panchner mansion. In this place in this insulation lies a big hidden truth and the death of Mahishmatis the Queen of Mahishmatis can die the place is dangerous Avantikas an enemy of the snakes, Avantika and her accomplices had once killed the snakes mother Avantika killed the snakes friend  and their wife and whole  family the snake will come and take the revenge from Avantika the snake will kill Avantika they say often ones are friends end among the enemies  only Avantika was only interested and in love with power Avantika had declared death on her own husband its mandatory in the Mahishmatis kingdom for a queen to have a husband in order to rule for that Avantika found herself a new husband vikram a pawn those circulate circulmbulation have tied a life with Avantika only way to reverse the circulmbulation is that the person frees their self from Avantika along with that she will lose her powers as well her palace will burn and her bees will burn In the Holy fire when you take the seventh reverse circulmbulation, a dagger would appear out of the Holy fire and by that only dagger by only with that dagger Avantika can be killed Avantika is powerful that no ordinary person cannot kill her with that dagger yes however only she can get killed by who is a shape shifting serpent snake. The truth will come and be exposed they will be exposed in the real form bealf leaves can't let the snakes go out of come in. The secret of Avantika demises In the place of Panchner Avantikas secret its magical whatever the object holds on to the secret of Avantikas demise it too shall have a life which will be seen and yet to be revealed and yet to be unseen differently encytryped wall with written writing shall be seen on the walls In a room with a magic wooden box a chest snakes never die a painful death snakes usually remember each others faces of the person whom they see when they die the book of snakes has a link and talks about the mansion the one who have the motif of surgavanshi on their bodies whom are the guardian's of the snakes pearl gem naag maani crystal only they can carry the snakes crystal sheeshnaag is the ultimate guardian of the crystal and the master of the serpents, sheeshnaag the entire master of the snakes that mansion of the stories of the pearl and the shifting shape shifting serpent snake. In naagloog when a shape shifting serpent snake dies then only a shape shifting serpent does its final rites if the body of the snakes shape shifting dies the body doesn't attain salvation if the last rites are not performed so that's why to complete the rites and to give salvation to the spirit their partner will definitely come there bharva gurerva there is something In a chest the steps were magical inside the chest Panchner the mansion of mysterious the mansion of Panchner is the book of snakes the stories of snakes and the snake crystal snake crystal the most powerful gem in the world it's brightness is blinding shape shifting serpents that the ardents of the lord protect the crystal after a penance of a 100 years, a serpent that a carries shape shifting powers shape shifting serpents belong to me realm of serpents of half human and half serpent they can assume any form surgavanshis can mark can pick the crystals pearl which there is a cave where the cobral pearl had appeared on it's own the snakes Chambers are disguised as the priests and they can control the snake shifting serpents a serpent upon hearing the been tune which can change form and come in their realm form if a serpent has any other serpent by their side then they won't be able to tolerate the tune of the been. It's something magical, something fantasy an illusion of peaceful of bees someone will know Avantikas death only Avantika has a husband knows the death of Avantika and how Avantika can die. 


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