The Scoop / Art talk 2022( featured Artist: Andre pace)

The Scoop/ Art Talk News 2022 

Switching Media in this year's Artworks and showing the Artist : Andre Pace intricate composition of color white suitable for gallery walls painted Art works Full sized works are showing in 10 squared Exhibition+Sale.. The complicated composition will be oils , pastels, crayons, acrylic watercolors.. Creating petite portraits and exposed art works to rousing guest and Art collector/ interiors designers .... Drizzing canvases is one of the works in this year's show another would splattering works on canvas.. As the viewers depicts the art pieces without roadblocks of years , knowledge and taste that would affect another in the show . My / The Artist facsimile not quite literally but painstakingly expression thru mix media+ contemporary art conversation .. 

Image list:

1.Untiled (#2)

2.Possession (#9)


Invite+ chat/ read .. 


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