The Other Side.

I had the privilege of worshiping at the central church. While I was there,I saw a great building own by a famous politician in that area and my mind went back to those tragic days during the political administration of my state. The then headboard state listened to the advice and counsel of untrusted worthy men. So he left the office without having a roof to lay his head. And this caught my mind to the old saying to be very true. “You go like the company you keep”. So be sure and choose good friends. They could make you and destroy you.

This great comparison of two great men of the same rank, but one achieving it in life and the other just running around with his life has draw my attention to ask this common question among today’s youth. “Why this life no balance?”.

We had witnessed something remarkable. A man at the time of his own opportunity for world fame and recognition gave away his chance in order to pick up another style of life. Before we find our ways to the top, we use to be gentle, kind, brilliant and so everyone will see in us the desire and vision to lead, but everything will turn upside down when we get they. The Caba we form when at the top will give us a true picture of our lives we’re out of the key positions.

Youths today connote the slogan, “this life no balance”. But sincerely speaking; I don’t see life not to be balance. Life is balance when you, dream big and strive harder. When you have money how do you spend it?, When you’re opportune to step into the stone of leadership how do you rule?, What kind of friends do you keep?, What kind of people do you choose to work with?, How do you reach out to the common man in the society?

After not meeting your necessary demands when you’re capable to do so. When all the glory,fame, money had gone, then you will come back to your senses and tag it life no balance.

When you were small, you know nothing of what you need as all week provided by someone, but as day passes by you grow and each day we draw to our grave. So what will you be known for when you’re gone? The other side is not only when you were small but now big, you were once poor but now rich, you were once young but now old but it consists of life and death. Because people derived joy in seeing deep into your life and what you’re known for when you’re no more. What will people say about you when you’re alive or when you’re dead?

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