The Ocean

Your furtive rage is a sneaky thief beneath your thrashing skin! 

But for shame it crashes wave into crashing wave about, out, and in

You have a charming shining glamour, but it's a mere bipolar half-shadowed shawl

Once more to feast upon another bluejacket for your unbridled badgering maw

Afeard by your ill-grasping grave, my heart's a sunken dreadnaught to feed the seas

Forever cursing your labyrinthine way, forcing ships to stop and grieve

Alluring beauty like a siren's song, you eagerly swallow this naive beholden nave

And your kiss beguiles an adventure, yet your bitter tongue knocks about the brave

Love imbued with salt and tear, navies chance upon their doom

With frightful tempests rage you wield, my voyage is ensured to vex typhoons


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Amarachi Grace - May 12, 2022, 10:23 PM - Add Reply


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