The legacy

The legacy behind wasn't enough!!!


After the multi million dollars in your account...


After all the good archievement of all kinds of wealth, 


Good good mansions

Good good cars

Good good kids

Good wife

Good good certificate


And all kinds of riches ...


The legacy behind wasn't enough!!!?


Well people are after the famous and prosperity of these world..


People always want to live a comfortable and good life


They always want sweet and easy lifestyle..


But the bitter truth is that instead of doing the right thing, but they do the wrong once 


People always learned to be good but they never became good to learned 


The legacy behind wasn't enough


Well after acquired the multi million property of this world...


Without acquired salvation for your soul...


You might think you have a legacy because of your riches 


Or because of you talent...


But the truth is that you legacy isn't enough...


Because you haven't purchased the genuine legacy of eternal qualifications...


Beloved life without Jesus Christ is a worthless life. 


Invaluable and insignificant piece of trash


No matter who you might be to day if you haven't registered with Christ

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