The Hypertension issue.

The Hypertension issue.

High blood pressure is a major issue in the modern world. The illness typically worsens over time. High blood pressure is primarily caused by an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. In addition, conditions like obesity and diabetes can raise the chance of acquiring high blood pressure.

High blood pressure has no distinct symptoms. The term "silent killer" was used for this reason. Patients with high blood pressure typically take a long time to learn about their condition. This medical condition goes untreated for a very long time in such a circumstance.

As a result, the patient may experience issues like a heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, renal disease, pregnancy troubles, vision loss, and vascular dementia. Additionally, a recent study found that having high blood pressure is detrimental to bone health. Osteoporosis and bone ageing are accelerated by high blood pressure.

The results of rat experimentation have supported this. According to researchers, people with high blood pressure should be tested for osteoporosis. According to study findings, high blood pressure is partially an inflammatory condition. This may aggravate the body's inflammatory condition. 

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