The Negative Hounds Of Hate

Firstly,"Hate" can be used positivly,hatred of Rascism,Slavery,Injustice, is no bad thing,In fact its a good positive character trait..

Negative Attitudes

"Hate" has caused more trouble,more misery than any other single character trait in history,Personal hatred,National Hatred,Unrequited Love hatred,the hatred of being wronged,or seeing someone prosper,Sometimes it starts out as misinformation,speculation,& mushrooms out of control, to deep levels Shakespeares "Romeo & Juilet" is a great moral tale of two families who hated each other so long,that no one could remember why,or what caused it,Hatred for hatreds sake..A classic illustration! Hatred is a human emotion,as are jelousy,envy,spite,& others..they are disagreeable traits,but in truth,everyone one possesses them,& good people use willpower,positive outlook,to overcome them,but still they are base human instincts.How many times has hate led to murder & tragedy in the human era? Too many instances to count..Evolving & overcoming these faults is the great challenge of civilised humanity

Origins Of Hate

In the dim distant past of our existance,somewhere a caveman,brought home more food,than others,they probably envied him at first,eventually as he constantly repeated his feats of provision for his family..that turned to hate..It has led to murder, on infinate occasions,Even the Bible parable of Cain & Able shows how envy & jelousy turn to hate & murder..Its been that way ever since & probably before it..

Evolution & Hate

Evolution really made no difference to the base instincts,as people evolved,hate evolved with The more energy, time & talk have been wasted on this emotions than any else,even love has not provided the dire motivation that hate has.

Passion Perverted

"Twisted" or misjudged love,adoration of the unnattainable, really belong in a whole class by themselves in this case,Millions of novels,stories,songs abound on the subject Many carrying a dire moral ending,some with redemptive qualified..Hate can be controlled,but blindness in the situation,means it rarley is..The feeling too strong,can lead to madness.. with appalling results.. Anyone who has ever read "Les Miserables" will understand the pointlessness of misguided hatred,The persecution of the hero,The realization of consience,that led to sucide..A moral template..

From Love..Hatred!

A girl loves a guy deeply..The guy loves another girl,so the first girl "Hated" the other girl,because she loves the guy!😄,She cannot bare to say a single good word about the other girl ,because blinded by "hatred" she can't see reason!,irrational,but it happens! Hate from love..Stories of personal hatred are legion,One funny one own Country, Ireland,A farmer, "Hated" his neighbour,also a farmer,the reason? The other farmer had 5 cows,his "hater" only had three!😄.So resentment & envy,led to hate! Sprung from petty local jelousy..

Hates Many Faces

Race hatred,is something i have never been able to understand..Sometimes its because the people who practice it,just "follow the herd" & are easily brainwashed,so they "say & do as others do For myself,i believe in "meritocracy" if the person has the ability,then thats all should matter.Basing anything on race,religon or orientation,is in its self discriminatory,so its counter productive.. This has caused me trouble a few times,because i didnt hire from the "right" community, No matter i still hired on merit anyhow..i'm immensly stubborn! 🙂 But also it must be said,anyone of any creed who bases anything on race,creed,ect,is guilty of bigotry,Too often its percieved as a "White" fault,which it was,but now isnt. Hate again,just for hates sake.. Another version which i saw often,were people who suffered race or religous discrimination,these at the beginning were so right,but through time,because of narrow focus on their issues,they became as shrill & bigoted with "hated" as the people they oppised,sometimes even going further,high moral ground lost,just "hate" remained..The path to hate by blindness to what they had become.. Perils Of The Zealot

Being driven by an obcession to confront or oppose a supposed wrong,can corrupt aims into an evolved "hatred" Not all zealots qualify in these circumstances,but some do,You can see it happening,especially if the zealots aims are fustrated or twarted,Hate begins to cloud the judgement,Genuine aims shouted in a bigoted manner,guaranteed to repulse people, from sympathy to their cause..Negative hatred destroying more noble intentions. National Hatred This was endemic in the 19th to early 20th century,thankfully alot of it has abated,But it still exists regionally in some places,Hatred on a national scale can take generations to end,the "folk memory" needs to subside,then..and only then,can there be reconciliation & progress.Too often some people in high places use it as a power platform,which prolongs the mistrust..Hatred used as a political weapon..

Personal Hates

Everyone has their likes & dislikes,some things we "hate" Example: I hate Rats,Avocados,Cats,(I'm allergic to them! Cat fur!)Not keen on Lavender smell either!,Likes & dislikes make us human,but mortal hatred of a deep kind,against anyone just because of race,belief,or orientation..makes us inhuman..


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