The evils of corruption

Corruption is a term for a type of dishonest or criminal behavior. It pertains to wrongdoing carried out by an individual or a group. Most significantly, this behavior endangers the rights and benefits of others. Furthermore, the two basic forms of corruption are bribery and embezzlement. However, corruption can happen in many different ways. Most likely, dishonest behavior can have an impact on individuals in positions of power. Without a doubt, corruption demonstrates egotistical and avaricious behavior.

Ways of Stopping Corruption

Better pay for government employees is an essential first step in the battle against corruption. Many government employees receive pitiful salaries. They, therefore, resort to bribes to pay their expenses. Therefore, government employees should be compensated more. Therefore, a large salary would lessen their motivation to engage in bribery.


Increased employment may be a further effective way to combat corruption. Many government entities have a very demanding workload. This offers a possibility to slow down the work of government employees. As a result, many employees use bribes to do their work faster. Therefore, this opportunity to bribe can be avoided by increasing the number of employees in government agencies.

Strict regulations are essential to combat corruption. Above all, culpable parties must face harsh penalties. Furthermore, stringent laws need to be implemented as soon as possible.

One effective method to prevent corruption is the use of cameras in the workplace. Most importantly, many people would refrain from corruption out of fear of being found out. In addition, if this hadn't happened, these people would have engaged in corruption.

Low inflation must always be maintained by the government. Because of the price increase, many people feel that their earnings are too low. Corruption among the general populace increases as a result. Businessmen raise prices to sell their inventory of goods at higher prices. The politician also supports them because of the benefits they receive.


Finally, corruption is a serious social evil. We must eliminate this blight from society right away. These days, corruption has poisoned the minds of many people. We may perhaps end corruption through steadfast political and societal measures.

Techniques for Corruption

Bribery is the first type of corruption that is most common. The improper exchange of gifts and favors for one's gain is known as bribery. The many favors come in a wide variety. The favors typically take the form of money, gifts, company shares, sexual favors, jobs, entertainment, and political advantages. Personal gain can be demonstrated, for instance, by giving preference or ignoring unlawful activity.

The embankment is the act of withholding assets to steal. Furthermore, it is done by one or more individuals who have access to these resources. Above all, embezzlement is a type of financial fraud.

One pervasive kind of corruption is graft. The most notable reference is the improper use of a politician's position for personal benefit. Furthermore, one frequent kind of corruption is the misuse of public funds for political gain.

Extortion is a crucial method of corruption. It describes getting products, money, or services illegally. This acquisition is primarily carried out through coercion of individuals or groups. Blackmail and extortion are so similar in many aspects.


Favoritism and nepotism are two extremely old yet still often used corrupt practices. This denotes a person who favors their friends and relatives when applying for jobs. This is undoubtedly a very unfair practice. This is because many qualified candidates are turned down for positions.

The misuse of judgment is another type of corruption. Someone is abusing their position of power and authority in this case. A judge who erroneously dismissed a criminal's case might serve as an example.


Influence-peddling is the final strategy used here. When inappropriately influencing the government or other legitimate parties, this phrase is used. Receiving favors or favorable treatment also takes place.

Corruption Causes and Effects


Politicians and individuals in positions of power usually start corruption. Even we, as citizens, bribe public servants to speed up their work or avoid punishment for crimes. The level of corruption is obvious when private contractors bribe government representatives to win the bid for a public project or when traffic enforcement officers are bought off for not wearing helmets. Strongholds of corruption include the PWD, Telecom, Railways, export and import departments, taxes, quota permits, colleges, and licenses. Our paperwork won't move unless we grease the concerned officer's palm.

The principal causes of corruption in Pakistan include Greed for money - the need for more cash motivates someone to act corruptly, follow the wrong path to success, and pay bribes. Poor pay for government employees, who must look for illicit means to supplement their income due to their lower compensation than those in the private sector, is one of the causes of corruption. The majority of people in Pakistan aren't aware of their constitutional rights or how the system works, which renders them so defenseless that they have to bribe others to get things done. So, illiteracy is a contributing element to corruption. Today, everyone is in a hurry and doesn't want to wait till their work is complete.


Pakistan is the largest democratic nation in the world thanks to its complex political system. Nobody wants to get into difficulty because of these intricate procedures, thus they find it simple to pay more. In Pakistan, corruption hurts people's life. Sin has a long-lasting effect on the people, the economy, and society in our nation. For instance, taxpayers pay a high price for mishandled taxes that end up in the hands of the corrupt. The result is that the wealthiest people continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.

Due to corruption, the Pakistani economy has significantly suffered. The Pakistna legal system and each individual should work to end corruption. To combat this social ill known as corruption, the government must launch a vigorous campaign. Therefore, let's cooperate to rid Pakistan of corruption.


Corruption is a type of crime or dishonesty that happens. injustice carried out by a person or a group. It is important to stress that this behavior imperils the privileges and rights of others. Corruption comes in many forms, among them bribery, theft, and other vices. Corruption, however, can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The possibility of corruption among those in positions of authority is high. Selfishness and greed are the root causes of corruption.



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