The Business Bronco

It used to be,that each country had its unique stores,& businesses, reflecting both the rich culture & diversity of its people,Yet today,for anyone who travels,they will notice the same antiseptic brand names crop up the world over,particularly in Malls,The dreaded Conglomorate,or Corporation

Diversity Dying?

With each passing year,the world becomes increasingly uniform,in its dress,food,social mores,Then very things that make humankind unique,are being eroded away,in favour of superficial branded globalism,Such is the propaganda,and subliminal advertising (Yes illegal,buti they still do it!) That most,particularly the young,seen "Brand Name" clothing,But never stop to think "Why?" Probably the corporate propaganda greatest sucess has been to convince people they really "NEED" to buy their product,otherwise they wont be "hip" & may risk social ridicule,This tactic,they use especially with the young,who havent developed enough self confidence,to decide for themselves yet & it works.It may shock people to know,that many advertising companies study the tatics of Adolf Hitler,to highlights tecniques in mass hypnosis,but they do..& have been for a long time..

Big Pharma

Big Pharma are among the most profitable & richest companies in the world,ang example being Johnson & Jhonson, who are a richer  company financially than the entire national budget of New Zealand!.They are not unique in this,there are many more like them,Big Pharma has its own marketing & manipulative ways to "convince" people they need to buy their product,Many mistake "Big Pharma" for a  medical "caring" aspect of the corporate global blanket,BUT..THEY ARE A BUSINESS! built for profit & expansion,If these companies wern't turning a big profit,they wouldn't be doing it! It may be that eventually they will turn their attention to things like "bottles water" as fresh water becomes scarcer later on the century,Already they are " competing" for attention in the marketing of vaccines..Again profit..expansion..Its their reason for being

Corporate Culture

A few years ago i was asked by a friend,if..i would negotiate a deal for him with a so-called"Conglomorate" (He knew i detest them!,so i'd drive a hard bargain) At the meeting,were about 6 guys..I noticed ALL were afraid to speak or commit,to anything tangable! This was Corporate culture at its worst! The reason they wouldnt,is because they were too busy "grovelling" to the CEO there,& afraid of losing out in the "pecking order" by being forthright,just incase,it affected their status..This is where things have gone out of control..Many independant national businesses have been "swallowed up"  by the steamroller that is a conglomerate,the downside,is a loss of local,national identity,& in its place,the "global brank" making everyplace look the same,uniformity,somthing the whole world,has never expreienced before.To see the denise of cultural uniquemess,is sad,because it stifles new skills,creativity,& individuality,something that cannot be either healthy,mentally & spiritually for anywhere.

The Corporate Bronco

Corporations today have become like a wild horse,or a rodeo,For a while,a new rider (CEO) gets on its back,tries to control it,buy eventually gets bucked off! & so on & on for his sucessors,But the Corporate "Wild Beast" has developed a life of its own by then, & still goes onward, out of control,& advancing,"Throwing Reins" on this "out of control" entity,is one of the many challenges humanity faces in its future..If we don't we may well end up with signs in the future like "Your Coca Cola sponsored moonlight" or "Pure fresh air,from McDonalds," or "Your sunny summer day illusion,brought to you by Monsanto!" because "Monsanto Cares!"🙄 Making the implasuible plausable is the "Stock in Trade" of these companies Satire yes..but its all very possible,a pessimist would say inevitable..the way things are developing

Greed & Excess

The aforementioned Monsanto, have formented & financed revolution in places ,in poorer parts of Asia,to get their hands on raw materials & cheap labor, The incumbant Govt of those places at the time,wouldnt agree to sell at the Monsanto price,so, they fermented revolution, & overthrew the particular Govt! They were not alone in doing this,but it serves to show the "Wild Beast" nature of these Conglomorates & how far, & to what lengths they will go, to make sure the "Out of control animal" they work for,gets what it wants.The people retire or get thrown off, but the "wild beast" just keeps on growing,spreading its tenticles worldwide..Its a clear & present danger that needs to be curbed,but greed & money mean many lack the will or the "Wellbeing Of Humanity" to do it..


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