Sweet love

What love is love? If sex be not the zeal of it?...what waters a relationship and makes it blossom ...sex baby sex....😍😍😍

Those were Wales sweets poems that could make any woman fall heads over heels in love with him,Wale was a graduate of Ambrose Ali university Ekpoma...6ft tall eyes like sugar,dark like chocolate 🍫,he had the sweetest smile that could light up a thousand rooms...boy did he have the looks ??? Oh my wale,thoughts of him would give me butterflies every time.

We met on a social media app,he was bored and I was an introvert..we chatted like we had known for years ..he asked my name I told him mellisa..oh I have never heard that name before, i guess it's only for true beauties like yourself..I chuckled a bitΒ  I could let myself drown in this flattery and never care if I'm wrong or right..I was already seeing myself in a white beautiful wedding gown,with Wale holding my hands as we danced into the church..

Oh no,she stood there gazzing at me with the biggest eyes and face of judgement.."mummy said you should come let's eat" she said.. posha go eat your food I'm not hungry πŸ™„πŸ™„ who would be hungry with Wale on the line..all I wanted to eat was the cucumber down there..man shall not leave by bread alone abi na..I flirted a little bit more and he responded just fine...

Come on ask for my number ..and yes he did,it was as though he read my mind ..I quickly typed it in..he lived at lekki I was at ikate..so close right..😁😁.ring ring ..the voice on the other side could send a girl chills down her spines ...I couldn't find the words ,Wale was so intimidating and chatty ,I didn't have to say much..baby ..that made me melt into my bed...I think I love this guy already...To be continued ✌️✌️✌️✌️




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