The plan to escape mentality. As the image of life imprisons the health of life. There is no one above what exists. Face life and all it is about. Enough, as I have been... According to reality I am a disgrace to this world. No hard feelings. I deserve to walk away. Seemingly they did not get what they wanted of all was needs. I had to understand, my life and to concern life as it has been understood. The longer I sit in this world's harassment over my life of what is best only I am gone. Last to find never have been under god and no one of ever will have what is only to find time again. God is cruel and abusive to my life he has been the betrayal in effect. Done sunken teeth I can never image of life again. To all it has concern of. It is what you have been not where you go. I have loss of my own life as god had penetrated my life to be here along like a third wheel to his fault and marriage. Disgust what is his to abide of all power it has taken to prove there is a god. Now they sit and are of concern of mistake where they go. When all said nothing proven. Jesus is just a mightful blessing. I could not understand let alone understand I will be responsible for that much. God's faith is not my concern. All lies and betrayal. Good riddance. I will no longer see the light of any life. Congratulations to this world. And I will not be the one needing attention. To gain knowledge of what has been nothing's ever knew why. With only to mention a break of wind will do for this world. God needs no such value to concern of what he has his hands full. I was not intending to barge in on his privacy. Much knew he was much important. Tools and skill and critical ability. To live and breath. My skin crawls over what to find I am in one piece. Clean sober and at least some awareness. Waiting over my life span spent on this world. As my life is to flush with the extinction of all the pain it took me to live. Toward god at one was war over matter. My life I wish to dream. Glad I am nothing but what other sins can be washed. My nightmare the thrill of fear the constant time of strength. Pain is frightful. Fear is the meaning of ongoing to defeat all I encounter. Life has been bigger in many ways. To turn-in to see the value of life. Destroys my own image. I have no fault to blame as all was carried, and trusted with my life as blood shed has been made through every attempt. Life is not to desert anything in it's care. Life has its own purpose to exist. The life, in life is pure simple water, air and dirt. As what life can be was not a concern. To my living. Glad things take a look at who is reasonable for what god is. A lifeless meaning, a cry, and all I was, is only important. Time matters well spent, to understand the fear it takes of no idea what to look for. Finding no reason to leave or stay. I am glad my service to this god and world and life of all who can have in need washedy pain away just to have been part of my life. As human no one can see how much life and all mattered. But to live. Was no answer any such thing created and has any life within. Now all god needs is to figure to leave me alone for the rest of his life is rewarded.


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