Some Things That Happens to Pregnant People

Pregnancy is a difficult experience. Let's face it, it's a fact! It's wonderful news on the day you find out you're expecting. If you're lucky, the people around you will pamper you.

However, it is a protracted duration. It's been 9 months! Your body is attempting to make extra room for the baby. The sickness, vomiting, mood swings, emotional outbursts, and neediness! Did I mention that I was constipated? That should be added! Stretch marks, hormonal acne, back soreness, swelling in the feet, and weight gain are all symptoms of hormonal changes. Occasionally, a lot more than you'd like.


While descending the stairs, you will need to exert more effort. You may have increased sweating, as well as intense hunger sensations, migraines, and cravings at unusual hours.

You could miss the kulfi you used to eat as a kid, or grandma's special Eid Chicken biryani, or Diwali laddus! You never know what might happen! You'd be willing to pay any price to get it!

It's all about vomiting and nausea during the first trimester. The second trimester is a little better, but you're still having difficulties sleeping. The baby grows bigger in the third trimester, and you almost pee when you sneeze or laugh hard! Because of your baby's pressure, you'll need to go to the bathroom more frequently.

Regular medical appointments and scans can be a little humiliating, but seeing your baby move can be overwhelming. I'm hoping that every report focuses solely on the positive aspects. High or low blood pressure, as well as gestational diabetes, are all too prevalent. Drink plenty of water and try to maintain your composure.

The countdown has begun! You never know when or how you'll be able to birth the baby. The labor could last up to 72 hours! Normal or C-section delivery are both options.

In the delivery room, choose your birthing partner, most likely your favorite person, partner. Someone who is peaceful and does not cause a commotion!

It's fine if you cursed while attempting to push the watermelon-sized baby! You were on the verge of scratching your dear husband's face.

Your baby is finally here at the end of the process. Allow your kid to rest on your breasts for a few minutes before feeding him colostrum. It's incredibly crucial.


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