In scale of 1 to 10 how much do you take care of yourself? What if you already know what self care is but.....

Here is SELF CARE each letter meaning 

Be self assertive

Self assertive is defined as expressing oneself's confidently and forcefully. The definition is quite clear but being assertive is more than that. Being self assertive is more like having the ability to stand your ground, know what you want and most importantly be yourself, be confident about you.


Emerge I defined as,to come up to the surface, to move away from surrounding fluid, covering or shelter. Only you know how the shoes you are wearing, you are the only person who sees the shadow that is surrounding you. It is time to emerge, take off those old shabby shoes,turn on the light..... you are a strong breed emerged.

Be Lastingness.

Lastingness is defined as permanace by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.It was told that an eagle  does not run away from the storm instead it faces the storm, because it knows its riches are behind the storm.If you keep in mind the race is not for the swift or a battle to the strong or wealth to the brilliant or food to the learned, no force that comes your way shall make you weaver. 


Consistancy is defined as behaving the same way, are you the person with a constant  behavior or are you like a palm tree, you get easily moved. You change direction because you follow every direction the wind blows, are you a person who follows the crowed.

Be adaptive. 

Adaptable people can poses elastic like energy, they have a willingness to bend and brake habits to challenge themselves when their circumstances change.Rain does not fall on one roof alone ,this simply means troubles are  there each one of our lives,trouble come to everyone at one point or another.  Learning to be adaptive does not mean you have to give on what you have built and focus on another new building, how many undone buildings will u give up. You have to find a new way to keep building.  There are many ways to kill a cat. How do you cope in times of trouble......

Be real.

The word real is defined as showing a practical awareness of things as  they  are ,accepting things as they are in "fact" and not making decisions based on unlikely hopes of the future. Tomorrow is a mystery to us all. It is wise to face the reality as it is. Do not limit the goals you set,you can have that dream car,house,lifestyle as long as you keep it all real.

Be the ethereal.

Ethereal is described as something marked by unusual delicancy, something that is heavenly .According to the history of the ethereal the ancient  greeks believed that  the havens were made less tangible known as ether.Ether was often described as invisible light or fire,aithein is a verb meaning to inginite or to blaze. Life is a spirit. It is in your possession to  blaze a trail. Be the unstoppable ethereal. 




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