Science behind why you're only attracted to certain people

When it involves love, The general public have an opinion of what they are searching for in every partner. Good looks, Ambition and a decent sense of humor are some of the common qualities that individuals hunt down. But there are alternative factors you are possibly unaware of that play a vital role in who you are drawn to. Past experiences, Proximity etc. have a role in determining who catches our attention and who does not when we fall for somebody, It's hard to prevent gushing about our new crush's attractiveness, Sense of humor etc. However why is it that we're naturally interested in some individuals and not others?

Sure love is mysterious but in some ways attraction isn't. Science truly has a proof for this that has been revealed by certain experts.


Proximity plays a big role. Have you ever noticed that co-stars who work together usually ends up being together in real life? Mere exposure to somebody repeatedly will increase the chance we are going to be drawn to them that is the sole reason behind this. This is backed up by 50 years of scientific research. Study has found that proximity is the most powerful indicator of attraction. We are drawn towards the people we see frequently.

Healthy and Fertile People

Whether we tend to know it or not, We are biologically drawn to people those who look healthy and fertile. Heterosexual men are generally interested in younger ladies who seems to be of childbearing age and physical look. This can justify why you see photos of girls within the 1800s wearing bustles to magnify their healthy childbearing hips to draw in men. Additionly research says that folks also are interested in those that look healthy.  Face symmetry, Face structure and hip-shoulder ratios are all necessary when it comes to attraction because these are some indicators indicating good health science says.

Personality Traits

Personality traits impact who you are interested to. Study has shown that people who are kind are more attractive. Study also found that the photos with positive descriptions received the very best ratings for attractiveness, Suggesting that personality traits do play an element in judging attractiveness.


Study found that men with high levels of testosterone, May be more attracted to women with more "feminine" faces, Which described as big eyes, High eyebrows, Small jaw etc. But this is not the only way hormones plays role in attraction. Women are attracted to certain men depending on their cycle too.

Opposites may won't

It is possible that opposites may won't attract. 80% people believe the concept that opposites attract, It'd be the case that we're interested in those like us. We are tend to like people who have similar attitude like ours. So sometimes opposite may won't attract.


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Melissa Joy Mauder - Aug 6, 2021, 12:35 PM - Add Reply

This was so interesting! Kudos to the author!

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Connie - Mar 15, 2022, 12:59 AM - Add Reply

This was an interesting articla and can eve relat to some things looking back at previous relationships. Well written. Thanks

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