Real Side of Stock Market


Stock market is a place, were we can buy the share of valuable companies. We can buy the share of company a small portion of a company. Companies list the stock exchange is to raise some fund for the growth of company.

There are two ways to get money

#1 Dividend 

It is a money announced by company to distribute the profit.  It is distributed to all share holder of company. 

#2 Increase in Share

Company make profit and re-invest to company growth, it results increase in share price. 

#3 Trading

It is a short term investment its time frame is from 1 min to 5 days. Some people read the chart of stock and make money by using the chart pattern. It is one type of art of observation.

If it is do by specific method or technique then we will make money. Some people do this without knowledge they it make this gamble. 

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