One of the more "Extreme" aspects of our current time,is the lack of imagination & innovation,in the  psychiatric & psychoanalytic field,Instead of developing new ideas,they (Ironey) have "regressed " into previously explored territory,the net result being..they have started "messing" with "Perspectives" IE: Hitler was "Misunderstood" maybe his childhood "affected" him! This is highly dangerous ground,especially for weakminded "psychobabbleists" who hang on to every theory,that comes along,trying to be "hip & modern"  and completely missing the point,that some of these "theories" venture far from lucidity,reason or sanity,Some of it has already taken root,in the United States,where. you have people "identifying" as a "Cow" or Horse 

Ok lets deal with that..😁 So you think you' re a "cow!  Ok.....Lets have a look at you..😁 Two legs only??Hard to be a two-legged cow! eat grass all day? What? you don't,Now you say its just an individual image,you want to project? Really?? So can you give milk? or are you beef cattle,who dosent understand being slaughtered?? You don't look much like a cow? More like a human with mental problems,Whats that? You read on the internet way back,Some group of Psychiatrists had "formulated" new ideas on "Perspectives" So to be ultra modern, & to show your "clued up,in touch with modernity you precieve yourself as a cow??Ok two things,& two choices...😁 


Over there is a Spanish Fighting Bull,see? The one with the bad

temper,ultra sharp horns & snortiɲg nostrils..Now you can if you wish,Go & tell him you're a "cow" oh & try not to wear anything "Red" it annoys him 🙂 Or...We can find you a very very good sensible psychiatric doctor,there are many highly competant ones..who can help you "Disasselble" your "Bovine " tendencies..& help you return to somthing approaching  acceptable perspectives, It will help your life,& job prospects..Few employers will employ a "cow" a farmer maybe,but if you can't give milk,he will "fire you!"😁😁


While we may joke..The risks of this are very very serious,Twisting the reality,is trending now,amoɲg some "Modern Shrinks" But its a disasterous road to follow,Its being drunk,without alcohol,or high,without drugs..Its (As the title of my upcoming book is called" "The Logic Of Illogic"  But a tree is still a tree,a tiger will still kill & eat you,regardless of how your "Unreality" or new age "perspective" sees it..


Where it started..


Many people today,live in a very fast hi-tec world,Some have great dufficulty 

dealing with all the information "thrown" at us,So the mind goes into "overload" added to which,new attitudes,social mores,tend to add to an already "stifled" society,People can't express themselves frankly anymore,so too much is kept inside,abit like a volcaɲo..eventually that "explodes" Probably the reason we get people who for no reason,or without any criminal or mental health  issues,in their past,Blow a "trip switch" & go out "mass shooting" innocent people.. They have "imploded" because of the stifled mores,and whats accepted as "social" in these times..In short,they "blow a fuse"


Good Natured But Bad Parenting


Much of what we have today,started off in the early 1980's when,with better education,children developed much quicker mentally,This in turn,left parents to acquiesce more  to kids at a younger age,The difficulty being,while educationally they were more mature,Mentally they were still the same as kids from any recent era,I wonder how many so called "mature" ten year old girls,as an example,played with their dolls,secretly,when no one was around!.

That in turn gave them "imagination". Kids playing with toys develop that..And its a vital part of their growing up,& later life..But they need that basic development,thats whats missing today..So social conditioniɲg modified,until we have today Generation X who are repressed beyond belief,yet they will tell you their "free" they don't even have the slighest idea,of what freedom is,Freedom is choice Self reliance,Being ourselves,our "unique" selves,Generation X has none of the above,they never learned it,so how could they? Thats where good natured but negative parenting came in..& in turn,wrought the creed of "Perspectives" we have now..


Polarised World: Polarised Reality


The "place" we are at in time now has ked to a very polarised world,The brutal are becoming more brutal,the weak,even weaker,wIt shows in statements made,Example..I see some  young peopme "write " things online

,I can tell they have never really had anything approaching realituy,in their lives,they talk petty office talk mostly,glorify celebrities,are narcisstic beyond belief, in short toally "shallow" lack any depth of personality,thats a direct result of previous generations conceptrion of "parenting skills" Personal example,If my kids are naughty,i scold them!,if their good i praise them,They all play with their toys,its good emotional,creative & imaginative development..but  in what they do,it prepares them for adult life later,Hopefully mentally strong..& not brainwashed by outlandish "perspectives"


Life Balance


My late Uncle Tom,who would have been the first to admit his education was  not good,Said a very profound & true statement to me one day,From where we lived,you could see on a good day,about 90 miles in one direction,(We lived on a hill).  He looked out over the countryside & said.."Everything is "Forced" today,nothing is natural,Crops are "forced" by chemicals,People "forced"by  circumstance.".He was right..everything is "Forced"very little is natural...And "natural" is where we need to be...


Taking advantage

While angles & new "perspectives,may be considered elsewhere,Not all the world views things quite the same way,While other nations may "laugh" the more "dark & sinister" will use it to take advantage of imploding sanity,to increase their ambitions both nationalky financially & on a global scale..Why not,their virw is,That country has gone "nuts" so we will step in and fill the vacumn."Twisted Perspectives" may reap a bitter stipend later,Mainly because their too mentally & emotionally weak to stop it..Lambs among wolves,group hugs & "caring" wont change that,

Does anyone really believe that other nations or peoples didnt care? of course they did..but it still didn't stop war,brutality,& extreme cruelty happening,..As i said earlier,A tree is still a tree,& a tiger will still kill & eat you....


Money Based  Morality Debased


So much of what currently happens if either money based or money driven,Over time materialism has reolaced God,in some narions outlook & thinking,Its the "I dont care,about God,I cant find my false fingerɲails,in crisis Syndrome!"People forget easily,money is a "commodity" You can't eat it! Another of these induced "perspectives".Is "Fat Shaming!" so they lie down under it,full of self pity,listening to what another or others think..Wrong!

I will end,as i began..On a funny note..If i told my wife Vee..she was getting fat..she'd tell me to go "Sc*** myself,that she felt comfortable...! That sounds pretty much healthy & well adjusted to me! 😄


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