Pay attention to child's sitting position, know why

we all live lives differently, No matter what we eat or drink we all should never forget to take care of our health. When we talk about our health we are also responsible to take care of our children's health. When we talk about the way of sitting we never see adults sitting in this position, but when it comes to children we do see them sitting in this w postition but we never give it much importance. Children find it most comforting to sit in this position. 


We often see them too. But parents, we need to be careful. This postition is very threatening to child's physical and mental development. When a child is sitting in this position they are putting extra pressure in their hip, knees and thighs. They are sitting in a comfortable position unknowingly.


This position also hinders the spine, thus making it weak along with the muscles and nerves. So the next time you see your child sitting in this position make sure to correct them. Cos at the end of the day health is the only thing that matters.

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