Life throws a curve ball once in a while at us. Leading to varying degrees of human emotions from sadness, happiness, remorse and the big elephant in the room (drumroll) PAIN...

Pain is something we have all felt right from childhood when the ice cream you were licking falls down with a plop on the ground and you break down in tears, losing a loved one, a bad break up, losing a baby and so many life instances.

The big question is how do we then as individuals cope with it, is it okay to find an escape from it or not?. Some individuals hide it so well you barely know that they are experiencing a thing while others can't hide it even if they tried. Pain comes with a twing, a twang, a strum and a smack. No matter what it still affects us psychologically and in many aspects of our life.

Personally I think there is nothing wrong with how each individual feels their own emotional pain but those that hide it need to talk about how they feel, write it down. It really goes a long way when you talk with someone about what you are going through , most times it's all about venting out. Those that can't hide it, it's good that you want to express what you are feeling but most times concentrating on the bad things bring you down. We all need to concentrate on the positivety around us, do something fun that's makes you happy. 

  It's okay to feel pain, it's okay to be unhappy but what matters is knowing life goes on, by not making mistakes of doing anything harmful to your self at that moment that you are feeling down. It's a moment that Will pass. There are always bad days and good and its the good days that we should always focus on. 





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