NASA SPHEREx Mission: Finalized Plans for a Cutting-Edge Cosmic Mapmaker.

NASA SPHEREx Mission: Finalized

The future of NASA The future tasks of NASA SFERX can analyze the full sky in six months and create a cosmos card as soon as it is. It is expected that it will be launched in April 2025 and after a huge flight, the first second internal internal, the formation and evolution of the galaxy and the superiority of the molecule, and the superiority of the molecule as the water looks like Our galaxy, was stuck as ice. Reaching these desires requires modern technology and NASA has approved the last incorporation to all additives on the observation bridge."The PC model is migrated to the transition for problems with the current hardware," said Spherex transfer supervisor in the NASA Jet promotion laboratory.The design of the spacecraft is standing, so it is shown.Have Scientists should examine the void with a special approach to solve solutions in the universe.Many telescopes while the NASA Hubble's spatial telescope are designed to recognize stars, galaxies, galaxies and other space gadgets and to study them in items. However, SPHEREX belongs to the other elegance of the regional telescope which investigates many devices in a short time, the surface of the spectral photometer for the history of space, reinstatement and explorer. . SPHEREX tests an empty sky greater than 90% of the sky every six months.With the help of the evaluation, Hubble decided about 0.1% of the sky for more than 30 years of operation. Telescopes interviewed as Spherex can not see items with equal data as targeted observers, but they answer the typical questions of these objects at some point in the universe that I could. For example, the NASA James Webb Space of NASA telescope measures individual ex-ovor networks (planets outside the solar system), size, temperature, weather and makeup.However, exloceranet is on average, so it is formed in an inferred environment, as it is included.At Spherex, scientists measure the superiority of the equipment that maintains the existence as resident of water in the galactic clouds.Astronomers rely on the water in the sea of ​​the earth."Studying some people and conduct census surveys and gain population knowledge as a whole of the population," said JPL SPHEREX Claim Supervisor.Both types of research are essential and different things are completed.However, several questions can better respond to the census.SPHEREX and WebB are now their physical settings and their approach to analyze the sky is not more than that.Webb is the largest telescope of 21.3 feet (6.Five-Metro), 21.3 feet (6 feet), 21.3 feet) (6.Five-metro), to obtain the best decision of all The areas of registration.The observatory protects your sensitive gadgets with a slightly scraped sun ray with a sunbath as a tennis court.

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