My hope is over


My hope is over

Happiness has turned its back.

 Hope has died out. 

My courageous stopped in new challenge,

There is nothing to learn from anyone now. 

No complaints from anyone now.

 I am going to leave the world.

 My soul is slowly getting into my body.

 People have come to lift me to the graveyard.

Now I will take a bath. 

I will exist in your eyes,

My memories will remain. 

They wrapped me in Kafan,

Do Wajju for make me pure,

Put some perfume on body,

Pleasant smelling my body,

Now these people will take me in white clothes. 

Put my body in a casket,

Will bury me in a place and

 Will come back leaving me alone. 

Finally, my funeral done,

Mud …..mud…

I m still in mourning after my death,

I will remain alone in the graveyard.

Who am I living with today? 

Even today I am alone.




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