Moon is epitome of beauty and grace,



Moon is epitome of beauty and grace,

It's coolness and stillness rapture our heart and embrace.


It smile,adjust and changes it's shape,

It has to change clothes daily and change patterns to drape.


Sometimes round,sometimes sphere,

Sometimes crescent and sometimes it's not there.


It hugs the cloud and pushes stars in the cart,

It's unparalleled beauty with scar eclipsed in the start.


Holding hands and lying in your lap,

Moonlight act's as romantic catalyst to be drowned in your love trap.


Singing song and rising tides to touch moon,

Your love tantalising my patience to be mine forever soon.


When i am sad,peeping through the window,

Moonlight romance traversing my veins from shadow.


The breeze sways my hair,the flower sleep in there,

But my moon and stars drizzle my heart with love,warmth and care.


Moon imbibe us to be confident,cool and immaculate despite flaws,

The world will redeem to touch your feet and will be in your claws.


Moon is the sweetheart and metaphor of love and romance,

It's beauty and charm leave everyone in askance.


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