Meritocracy:The Way Forward



I have long talked about "Meritocracy,Its probably the easiest way,to eliminate,Rascial,Gender,or  Sectarian issues,from the world, I have come in for criticism,from Some "Christian Sects,who say its "Anti Christian" To those i will say,"_Were not the Apostles of Jesus  EQUAL?? In the Holy Bible,Judgement day,quote.."The great & small stood before God,& Jesus for Judgement" Equal!! Men tend to interpete" Religon,to suit either their political or financial motives What i espouse here,is a fair just newer way,that should eradicate old prejudices forever..To  develop in harmony,with all,Peace,fellowship..

Too much trouble has been caused by the squabbling about all of these,Is "Strangling" our development as a Global Race, Its being used as both political, & Social reasoning to  "endure" & accept things we shouldn't...



Whatever or whoever thought of this insane concept,needs to see a "Shrink" Its Political Correctness encroaching on the Business World,The business world works like this,,Hire the best you can afford,It expands your business,your companies reputation,& both your  iɲbound & outbound business product awareness,That means making money,which in turn,means expansion,meaningɛ extra employment in the area,benefiting families,& the local community.

       Political interference & correctness work like this.."This company needs a new software developer,So we will "insist" they hire a Pyrenean Sheep herder,as Pyrenean  Sheep herders are under represented in the national work force,!

No matter the "Sheep Herder has not even the slighest idea about computers,let alone software..All the politicians care about is "Upping" the quota!,Using whichever countries income tax,to subsidize it IE: Pay the company to hire him or her,The spectre of impractical Political Insanity, encroaching on "Ultra Pragmatic Business" It simply dosen't work,It hampers the companies development,Govt Deps come to 'Monitor' the Sheep Herders progress..There is none,Of course not! Hes A: Not Qualified..B: Not smart enough C :Not adaptable,hes used to pasture & Sheep! Not his fault,Its the political lunatics who are to blame..

      For me personally i will  hire  the person best qualified always,even their a three- headed alien from deep space! But if i ever ɲeed a Pyrenean Sheep herder, Then i will consider hiring this person,Their probably a very good Sheep Herder..So no problem,I would want the best i could get! 🙂


Finding The Right Person


Finding the best person to suit  & fulfill your needs isnt always easy,Qualiftcations apart,attitude plays a huge part,Flexability,innovation,People like these are "Gold Dust" to any company,Let them grow,as the company grows,raises,promotions,Too many make the mistake,of just "using" the said "Person"leading them,to feel uɲdervalued,& consequently,unhappy,So its good business to  show all the benefits of Meritoracy,

No one can say,they are wronged,or make excuses based on Color,Belief or Gender,Because it shows clearly things are based on skills..If that means,you have many people of one particular color,or gender,So be it..!


Building a Meritocratic Society


So much of our whole business,& lives in general,are built around the systems we have,That no one stops to consider this idea,as a genuine equal way forward,Also much of the current thinking is wholly costly,impratical,fit only for keeping mindless bureaucrats in employment,monitoring a system,that drains everyone dry..Its these type who "Howl" "Hes hired too many "purple" people" in his company,Hes a rascist! Ah..nooooo..I hired many "green,(or blue if you like) people because they were the best qualified,thats why! "Send me "Tarzan The Ape Man" Or Count Dracula (Night Shift😄) If their qualified..! Then i'll hire them!

I tell anyone.."Leave your prejudices at the gate when you come in here,DONT "Stir" things here with them..I'll fire you.!.Thats my ethos..Times i have...Being Irish,we probably are the least "bigoted" people in the world.Its our history...Outlook..




In the past,because work could be scarce in many places,Nepotism, raised its head in many places,Grandfathers,Fathers,even Grandchildren worked for the sale company through the generations..

Today its much less so,particularly in more developed countries,But it still can be found in some industries,notably Construction..Its wrong & unfair,These people may not have the best skills to suit,but are there solely because of who they are..Its also a form of discrimination, and the employers fault for both allowing it & tolerating it..




Ensuriɲg a "Meritocratic society will take time,"teething troubles" always happen,with any new system,But given time,the longterm benefits for humanity will be wonderful..Bigotry should cease to exist eventually,because skills,not anything else will be the unit of measure..

Not all have huge pools of talent,but everyone has SOME talents,But they simply wont try to use them..New structures need to be put in place,finding out & nuturing a persons real natural talent should become a priority,Too often in current education,stress is focused on "Strengthening" the weaknesses,rather than "nurturing"the natural ability..The upside of that being,someone goes to work happily,Because their using their natural ability,its not a problem,They may even love their job! Enjoying what you half the battle!


Early Lessons


Early in my life,i learned some very valuable lessons & advice from some people,An example being,an old Street Sweeper We got to talking one day around lunchtime,I asked him "Dont you get bored doing this,all the time?" His reply learned me alot,about attitude & life.."No i dont,he said,because i set out to be the best street sweeper there is,I cant be a doctor,but i can be No1 at what i do,"There was great pride in his voice.. I looked at the long street he worked in,It was spotless, So i said,"You dont know it,but you have just taught me alot" Strive to be the best in whatever you do,No matter what it is,Hes probably long dead now,But his words i have kept with me,& I do believe he acheived his goal of being the best Street Sweeper,I have never seen any,that were cleaner.Bringing an "uɲequal" society to total "equality" can be easier than we think,Fear of change terrifies many,it takes away the old certainties,Some,would keep the old ways,no matter how bad or unjust,simply because the fear of change terrifies them even more! The problem being,for many,the change would be too drastic,excuses would no longer work,But it is a good way forward free of the "shackles" of our own narrowmindedness,

Prejudice,lurks in  nearly all walks of life,There are minorities that are "prejudiced" because they view the world with an "I am a victim" attitude,

Using ameritocratic system  takes away the old comfort cushion to hide behind,& in turn eventually change the whole platform  & structure of society, & bring it to a greater positive place..Total Equality for all


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