Mafia king unmask

This story is related to most dangerous and breath holding incident

‌In city of nawabs Lucknow, lived four daring and courageous officers. They were appointed to catch the most scariest Mafia king. Mafia ishan Singh, whose dark aura give chills down the spine. Four daring officers named Sunil Shah, Mohit, Vikram, Vijay were lucky as they got to know by sources that the Mafia king is in Lucknow, But he was using someone's identity. One day as usual this undercover officers were collecting information about Mafia ishan Singh. They got a call from unknown number and Sunil Shah picks up the call, it was call from ishan Singh. He said he will be going to kill hundred of innocent lives by bombing in railway station. Now you might be wondering is Mafia ishan Singh dumb to invite his funeral. No he is Mafia king he want to keep officers distract so that he can play his game. Daring four officers got alert and went to the location. And was fortunately able to find the bomb and diffuse it. Vijay and Vikram were on that spot with bomb squad team to diffuse and Sunil Shah and mohit were tracing the number. They were able to diffuse bomb but unable to trace the number. It's been one week they used to get calls and everyday a new spot was planned with bombs but none blast. Mafia ishan Singh who was hiding his identity got chance to enter the place where planning was going on to catch him. He always wanted to keep officers distracted to no information about RAAS missile. As ishan Singh always distracted the officers they never know that the Mafia who they are appointed to find is around them. One day Sunil Shah was going to his cabin he saw Vijay speaking to someone and he moved towards his cabin the time he entered booom a blast was planned in senior officers cabin. But luckily Sunil Shah didn't get major injuries. He was off from work and was under observation. Other three officers were finding Mafia ishan Singh. When Sunil Shah was off work he recalled the incident before entering the cabin. He saw Vijay speaking with someone with a victory smirk and then the blast. It can't be coincidence. He started getting doubt on Vijay. But as he was off work he called Mohit and said him to get information about Vijay, his whole life history. Mohit did as what was said but he was shocked to know the reality that Vijay named person is not appointed and in secret agents this name was never registered. He was about to say this to senior officer Sunil Shah but what came next was unexpected Mohit was killed. And unfortunately Sunil Shah didn't get any information about Vijay. Sunil Shah was an intelligent officer he got to know who murdered Mohit. It was Vijay. But did Vijay know that Sunil Shah got to know about his truth that Vijay is none other than Mafia ishan Singh. But Sunil Shah didn't want to catch him. He want to know his plan. As usual one day Vijay aka Mafia ishan Singh entered the cabin of Sunil Shah because he got to know that something related to RAAS missile is out. He searched for the information and got to know that a very big dealer from foreign is giving 500 crore for this missile. And the three daring and courageous officers are appointed for the security when the RAAS missile and other scientists were going to the spot for the deal. Again it was a victory smirk on Vijay face. But did he know that Sunil Shah was there and understood the plan.Now Sunil Shah got a call and courageous officers were all set to protect.On the way Sunil Shah and Vijay was in same car, Sunil was driving and was keeping an eye on Vijay too. He was waiting for the correct time . They reached the spot everything was going smoothly suddenly there was firing on air and everyone got alert except Vijay. This time Sunil Shah had a victory smirk and he said Vijay aka Mafia ishan Singh u are under arrest. Mafia ishan said your mistaken dear and then he shot Sunil Shah three times on stomach. Vikram was a bit late but still he went near Sunil Shah and took him in his lap he said Sunil Shah they lost once again Mafia ishan Singh escaped. Sunil Shah said it was his plan and the missile which ishan Singh is thinking is RAAS missile is just a model. Tracker is fitted in it. And the real one is already sent out of country .Ishan Singh was happy but when he saw 5 star police is surrounded around him. He had no choice but to surrender himself. 

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