Lover's Intervention

Lovers Intervention

Written by: Nathaniel Williams


More than once or twice before,

We would be beaten, bruised, and torn

Sore and often reborn in the forlorn gore

Beneath the skies following the raging storm


And as I think and reminisce,

I'm reminded of the subtle hints,

Henceforth encumbered of why ever since,

 The reasons we would often miss or dismiss


To hide the pieces in pits,

 our shattered bits from our fits

of flying rage that hits like the flying of fists

What we never saw coming,

 like the addicts with tricks,

or throwing verbal bricks—

 To and fro glass houses we resisted to fix!


Fighting to stray far from the sick mix

of a suicide we persisted to assist

amid the urge to insist to twist 

our rug burned wrists 

then add to our list of firsts 

enriched in sin fished from wishes wished

only to have it briskly whisked betwixt

 our brittle most bitterness of this Judas kiss.


So remove your fallacious hand from my chest,

tear my heart from these clutching ribs,

then cauterize the ungodly wounds. 


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