Lord, Let Me Die Mercy for Those Tired of Living

Over the years, I actually have talked with numerous Christians who have told me they wanted to die. They were of different a while and unique ethnicities; they had different personalities and different motives. But they each concluded that demise become higher for them now than life.


It took braveness to bring into the open the name of the game mind of dying. Many others couldn't relate. Most of the humanity had best run from the dread that gained on them moment by way of moment. Few had felt the impulse to prevent, flip, and welcome the beast as a chum.


Now these, once more, have been Christian men and women. They knew the horror of self-homicide. They knew such a crime changed into not a romantic gesture between teenage fanatics, but a heinous sin in opposition to the Author of existence. When suicidal ruminations sought to manual them to any other go out, even amid debilitating and merciless situations, they knew to withstand Satan’s recommendations. By faith, they might maintain, one foot in the front of the other, till their all-clever Father added them home. And some had prayed for simply that.

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