Local church moving thrift store; all items on sale


As indicated by a public statement, the Mahoning County District of Saint Vincent De Paul will be moving its secondhand shop from its ongoing area at 400 Williamson Ave., which was a brief area. That area will close on Sept. 9.


FirstEnergy to involve helicopters for fixes in Columbiana County

All things will be auctions at half off.


Until the new store opens, the area won't be taking gifts.


Lower costs offer Americans slight relief

"Our confidence helps us to address the issues of battling families locally. We accept we will actually want to all the more likely serve our visitors in the future at another area. We will keep on addressing the necessities of our visitors and the local area through our storage room and kitchen while we find a super durable home for our Thrift Store," said Anne Kravitz, board president for Saint Vincent De Paul, Mahoning County District.

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