LISA “Money” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review and Current views:678,768,943 and 12 Million likes.

"Money" is the second track from Lisa's debut solo studio album, LALISA. This electro her pop her song is about collecting dollar bills and how to shut up people who don't like money.

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BLACKPINK's Lisa is gearing up to release her debut solo studio album LALISA in the second half of 2021, and has released two songs as an upcoming taste. Along with Money, Lisa also released the album title her track Her LALISA. "LALISA" is a song that mixes Korean and English, but "Money" is sung entirely in English.

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Press Her release In her notes, Lisa talked about the "Money" track. She said, 'Oh my God, I have to do this. This is my song," she describes the song as "a hip-hop-based track with an addictive hook line."

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In the song's first verse, Lisa begins the song by announcing the weekend at the end of the month. Both times coincide with most companies' payroll cycles. So today everyone gets paid. Getting paid is something we all crave every month. Probably the happiest day of our professional lives. That is until we realize how many bills we have!

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Lisa, however, has a more positive approach for this paycheck. She says she is going to spend it all on herself. Maybe she has her bills covered by some other means. However, considering that Lisa has an estimated net worth of the time of this song means she probably does not have to wait for her paycheck every month!

I’m a drop it like it’s pouring, I’m a pour it on myself

She paints a picture of getting bathed in money. It seems to be a pretty big paycheck.

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The song's chorus is infused with more bragging about money. She says the check won't bounce because she has enough money in her bank account. If the issuer's bank account does not have sufficient funds, the check will be declined for payment. This is called a check bounce.

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Lisa also sings about doing the money dance and just getting more money rolling. This is pretty much true considering she's a very fine dancer and her music releases feature her dancing in visuals.With these publications, she rakes in the money. For example, her music video “LALISA” achieved over 200 million views on YouTube alone within a week of its release.

LALISA by BLACKPINK's Lisa Achieves Another Historic Feat

If the store says "Sign", I'll leave my signature


The text could be about Lisa signing bills when shopping at the store, or about signing a brand contract. It's like As a member of BLACKPINK and starting her solo music career, she is a well-known figure all over the world.

She's a superstar, so it makes sense that her signature is more than just a signature.In her second verse of her song, Lisa says the best way to eliminate hatred and enemies is victory.

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Everyone is silent

listen to my money

They suddenly become "friends" when they see that green dollar bill. You will find a way to suck her up. The song celebrates Lisa's personal success, especially financial success. You can't help but sing and dance to the uptempo beats.Let's hear what you think of this song in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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