This has been the battle of many people under the terminology lgbtq community. It dates back from time immemorial but the battle is now over and the battle was a success.

Same sex marriages has been one of the reasons why many of them cried out loud in public inorder to be accepted fully by their families, friends and the government and to love and be love unconditionally.

Loving someone does not have any label but as long as you love the person. Gender is not a criteria here, gender is not the basis who to be love and whom you choose. What matters most is what the heart beats and what the heart desires.

Most countries now are open with the same sex marriage despite long debates and argumentation. Most of these country has proved that it is not all about gender preferences but what these new same sex couples can offer to the community and to the government.

Many couples have proved their unending love and affection with their love ones. The everlasting love that these couples will share for the rest of their lives.

Today Lqbtq community already gained the love, respect and pride to all even from a homophobic individual.

I know many same sex couples who really are loving each other, enjoying their relationships and couples who have grown well. Some of them adopted children and some had their baby arrangements to women.

Truely love is magestic, truely love has no boundaries. Today lqbtq are now very open to all no more hesitations and no more hiding.

Let us define love, love is something you feel, something that makes you smile when you see him or her. Love does not mention gender it only mentions feelings.

Soon we will see more same sex couples happily married. Soon we will have member of the lqbtq community holding one of the highest positions in the land.

Many realizations were made many principles were put in to fit in the community. Kudos to all who fight for their right. All must stant united and firm for today Lgbtq community takes the center stage of everybody.

Again, as they say things changes, rules changes. Everything changes for a reason or for a purpose. If there are changes then ww must openly accept these changes. Let us try new things for us to move on and stay happy.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the members for fighting not only for yourselves but to those who are still in their own shadows.

Again the battle is now over let us enjoy each others love and care.

To God be the Glory

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