What is wrong and What is right?

We humans as a collective are constantly changing our way to look at things and labelling them.normally based on an idea, believe, religious path we act and behave and most of these that i just mentioned were put into our minds by others, since we were born we are consuming other people's words and actions.....

But were they right?

And when we know that they were wrong....

why did we let them lead us through it?.

So we create repetitive behaviors from those people and most of the times we think that's just the way we are.

But really? That's just the way we are?

Which thoughts and behaviors are really our own? Which one's were put into us?

Then we meet people, we socialize and situations happen so there's always a point were we have to decide between doing right or wrong., Maybe what you think you did is right for you but is it really? Maybe that other person won't see it that way but Karma has its own point of view., The truth is karma doesn't care about who's right or wrong, what's black or white, fair or not Karma pays the visit.

Many of us at certain times asked ourselves Why it happened to me? What did i do to deserve this?

You might be surprised if i tell you that there's always something but most of the times we don't pay attention or it was just so normal to us that we don't think it's going to be something that can someday affect us.

I believe Karma is simply connected with the law of attraction., What you put your energy into will come back at you and What you do is what you get.

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