In Evil Days,Evil Ways

The world is no stranger to turmoil & mayhem,In the history of our existance,so much came along that caused,pain,humiliation,That at times had to be "endured" for centuries,Many examples abound,yet much has been forgotten,or covered up,either to hide national shame,or to cover up the atrocities of the victor."The victor writes history,is an old,but true cliche..


Learned,Unlearned, & Forgotten


People who suffered in past ages,learned the great value of freedom,the price of it,& its great value to their decendants..

Antiquity,The Dark Ages,Middle ages,were brutal times of conquest & subjugation,Human life was cheap,& always expendable,The ethos went like this.."We need space,So we'll invade & kill our neighbouring countries to get it & the resources.The Philosophy of Socrates & Plato,while beautiful & admirable,masked a harsh reality of day to day life.In ancient Greece,Peaodophilia was rampant,so much so,even statues of Zeus,showed him flying,with a little boy,under his arm! It was socially acceptable,Another facet of those times,If someone "wronged" you,It was normal & indeed expected,to gain revenge in full measure,before the sun went down..All societies have dreamers & philosophers Socraties & Platos wonderful dreams & far sightedness,gave so much to humanity in general..But it still does not mask the reality,that these were primitive brutal times.. Twisted Perspective Throughout our history,There has always been the motive of "progress to validate certain actions.IE: Those people are very primitive" we need to enslave" them,teach them the "error of their ways" so they can "progress" Diplomatic speak for "We'll steal their land & resources,& in time assimitate them,so they forget.& become like us" "One Sided Progress" Destroy the culture,the art,the books,& laws..Destroy the civilisation in short...Spanish did it in South & Central America,Today they are " Latino" countries, only a ghost of the previous culture remains..Its been done by countless conquerors.Britain & France in Africa..Many many other examples.Its still happening today..


Tyranny & Its Methods


Whether Fascist Communist or Religous, tyranny has always used the exact same methods,to stifle opposition,(Control the media,buy the politicians,kill the patroits,blackmail the judiciary to our will") Those are the ways that work,allow no dissent.Decry the heros of the victim cultures past,Target the young & "re-educate" them,so they know only the ethos espoused by the tyranny.Control peoples minds,by propaganda,Make Movie & Music stars who agree with your views,highlight them,so the young can "idolise" the false message,by the state manufactured Movie or Pop "Star" All tryrants used and still use these methods..Where there is a time of prolonged peace,people grow up,having never known anything else,& thats great & wonderful,but it has its downside..Peace tends to bring more liberality,with that comes "petty intolerance" Everything given,& expected to be! Respect expected,but not earned..Hyper- sensitivity,and one of the worst aspects.Political Correctness" While no one wants racial ,gender or sexual orientation,or indeed religous,or otherwise slights,These are "correct" to erase everywhere..However..Political Correctness has suffered a "Nervous Breakdown" The human mind needs its natural freedom to express,not in a negative way,but positively.IF people can't express how they feel & think,it creates a lack of imagination,which in turn leads to lack of innovation,in any field,That affects a countries industry,jobs,development,making a " stagnent society,America,is a great example of this,Political Correctness has gone crazy! America used to be a world leader in industry,Hi Tec,the arts,Yet today,she's regressed into a fixation with being "lessor" Political correctness has convinced many that "loser is good,mediocre is cool" Apologising for standing on a microbug,is the future..! Thats the downside of political correctness,Stifle thought,stifle development.America is no longet a world leader in the fields mentioned..Her demoracy has "self imploded" leading to a plutocratic state,thanks to psychobabble,& sheer lack of common sense,she's ruined herself..


In Evil Days Evil Ways

We stand this era,in a vastly changing world,The acceptable standards of nationalism,self determination,Right/ Left politics,are being replaced by a "Right versus Wrong" Good versus Evil era,globally,The old certainties are fast disappearing,The "Bio- Science" we have developed is not being used to enhance humanity,Its being used to "get the drop" (Threaten) the other guy.!.Media is being used & controlled,to send out false propaganda,the future for man (&woman) kind,should be ours,but its being conditioned to program people to accept the unacceptable By stealth,to "normalise" the most "evil concepts" Never in history,has this happened before..With Covid,we have Pharmaceuticals making vast profits,,National military,being used to snatch nations for plutocratic gain,something thats coming,The ulitmate aim being in a few years about 500m "cyborgs..As mentioned..Good versus evil" worldwide..Hidden agendas masked by caring faces,the smile of the assassin..We live with "Evil Ways,in Evil Days" Only we..who have feelings & humanity,can change it..



Ecclesiastes 12:1 - Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them; Galatians 6:7-9 - Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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