Importance Of Mobile Phones

With the advent of new technology the way we communicate is changing. In the early days of history, pigeons were used as a means of communication. Later, written messages are sent by mail. In time, the telephone came along and today is the era of wireless communication making cell phones. Cell phones are by far the most innovative and the most common form of communication now and then.

Cell phones are a portable, portable and wireless communication tool. A few years back, when cell phones were less common, the device was more expensive and communication costs were much better for the user. But in the last few years as cell phone use increased, their costs dropped dramatically and this factor greatly helped to make it available to the general public. Cell phones are now affordable, easy to use, and comfortable and equipped with almost all the latest features we desire.

Cell phones are now the first gadget of every person, whether old or young. It's like a status symbol now. Each person’s hand is equipped with the latest mobile models and everyone has their own reason for having this magical gadget in their hands. Every day new cell phones are replaced by old ones to attract users. Interested users especially the new generation are very fond of the latest features offered on new handsets. People love new ring tones, hello tunes and wallpapers. With this, mp3 and video recording services, MMS services and the internet are attracting users around the world. Mobile users cannot even imagine their world without their handset. The value of cell phones can be overestimated by the way people react when asked to leave their handset apart for a day. Their lives got a break when they parted with their cell phones.

In Japan, mobile phone companies provide their customers with instant notification of earthquakes and other natural disasters. In an emergency, emergency workers may find trapped or injured people using signals from their cell phones or a small fire extinguisher on the battery of all cell phones; the interactive menu available through the Internet browser of the phone notifies the company if the user is safe or stressed.

There is no doubt that cell phones have made life easier and more comfortable. Everyone is connected with their family members, friends and other celebrities. If we want to talk to anyone, there is no need to write a letter and we have to wait days to send a message to the recipient, we have to pick up the phone and press the number and start talking. Cell phones are a convenient way to communicate over long distances. Life gets easier and faster with cell phones.

Cell phones have proved to be extremely useful in emergency situations. Cell phones are also known as life savers as they help people in emergencies. If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and find no one, you can use a cell phone and call for help. With the ease of use and quick access to assistance in large and small emergencies, cell phones can be both economical and essential for travelers trying to stay connected.

As every coin has two sides, cell phones that offer many benefits also show a few disadvantages. Use of cell phones while driving is common. Admittedly, using a mobile phone while driving is a risk factor for road accidents. We therefore need to use free hands sets to avoid such risks.

It has recently received little attention in terms of the potential impact of cell-generated electrical platforms on the human brain. Amid evidence suggests that microwave radiation from cell phones can cause serious illness and disruption of the body. These include an increased risk of cancer and genetic damage, impaired brain function and other side effects. Cell phone radiation and health concerns have been raised, especially following the widespread increase in wireless use worldwide. Therefore, the head set should be kept away from our head and prolonged use of cell phones should be avoided.

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