I wanted to laugh and hug you

Once more


I wanted to laugh and hug you,

It recycle my energy and clarity of view,

Denying to die dear, but paint myself with lovely hues to explore,

I wanted to live with you once more.


When i was coughing blood counting my stars,

You were my moon to calm my nerves and my uproar,

Holding me in your lap to help me eat food but i was spilling food on the floor,

You are my angel,i want to live with you once more.


Being extremely emaciated,falling hairs,me looking as monster,

Your care was only hope to undergo chemotherapy administer,

You always pampered me,my whims to the core,

Just for you,i wanted to live once more.


I am fed up of chemotherapy cycles,surgery and endless injections,

Stage four cancer of lung,i no longer have desire to live and patience,

But your love nourish my withering hope and dying soul,

For your sake,i just wanted to live once more.


I am counting my months and days,

But you are determined to save me anyways,

You sold your house and properties for my treatment to increase my living score,

I can't hang for long,but i wanted to live once more.


I had a beautiful dream to marry and birth your kids,

You even married me in icu to fullfill my wish,

Are you even human or angel to petrichor,

I am dying every moment to see you like this yet i wanted to live once more.



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