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How much does youtube pay for 1000 views?

1000 Views par blog se kitni earning hoti hai




Google adsense money depends on CPC. 


When a visitor comes to your video or website, google adsense shows ads on your website, and when a visitor clicks on the ad (Google Ads) then the commission of that ad (Google Ads) is very high. 





Depends on things like- what is the CPC of the keywords on which the blog post is written.


CPC means Cost Per Click link, when a person clicks on the advertisement of Google Adsense, Google Adsense pays you according to every single click.


The higher the CPC of the keywords of your website or blog post, the more you will get Google Adsense revenue.




High CPC is very important for our blog post and we should work on those keywords which have the highest CPC of keywords. 


But according to the new update, keywords CPC does not matter much anymore.






We can say that the earning of our website or blog depends on the CPC. 


To earn more and more money from blog or YouTube, we should pay more attention to CTR and CPC. 


So that we can earn more money from our blog or youtube.


CTR means Click Through Rate, how many times the advertisement has been shown on your website and how many times the advertisement has been clicked.




1000 Views On Youtube Money in India How much does youtube pay for 1000 views?




When google ads ads started coming on my youtube channel, as far as i know youtube pays more than $1 or even $2 on 1000 views.




According to what kind of ads ads come on your video, you get money on 1000 views, if you have made a video on any of your high CPC keywords, then you can get $3 to $10 or even more dollars on 1000 views. 




It depends on which keywords you have made the video. 


And according to the new update depends on the history of your browser.


If you do not know what keywords are, then you can comment us, if you have any other question in your mind then you can comment us in the comment box.




Youtube 10000 Views Ke Kitne Paise Deta Hai




As far as I know youtube gives $10 or more than $30 on 10000 views, you must know that youtube does not give ads on every video, and whatever ads are shown on our videos. 


YouTube itself keeps 30% commission of those ads and gives us 70% commission for the rest, so we get a little less money than youtube.




Youtube shows 400 or 300 ads on 1000 views of our video. 


If you talk about showing Ads ads on the videos (Google Adsense), then youtube definitely shows ads on your videos.


For example, understand that if your videos get 1 million views, then YouTube will show very few Google ads on your videos, the only reason for this is that youtube wants every youtuber to earn, so Youtube on every video. 


The ad does not appear in Google Ads.




Do you know very interesting facts about Google, otherwise read below.


If you are a new youtuber and ads start coming on your videos then youtube's algorithm gives more ads on your videos, after that when your youtube channel starts increasing then youtube's algorithm starts showing less ads on your videos.



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